Looking for used Hood System

Does anyone have any leads or no anyone who is selling a used hood system. I am in need of an 11ft x5ft hood system complete with fire suppression system. All of my leads so far have ended up falling through.

Where are you located at? The guy I use for repairs always has leads on all types of used equipment. Try emailing Tom at theovenguy@gmail.com

Where are you located?

I do have an 11 ft hood that I used in my last place…to big to use in my new place. I am in NW AR. It’s in good shape, the ansel container sits on the right hand side, it’s built in.


Hi Greg:

There is a lot more to be considered than just an 11’ X 5’ hood.
There are certified and non certified hoods. A non certified hood of that size could require that up to 5000 cubic feet of air per minute be pulled out of your building where as a certified hood system could be required to pull only about 900 CFM.

The building code requires all air exhausted air by a non certified hood to be brought back in to the building and that it is to be at no less than 65 degrees. During the cooler months, that requires the in coming air to be heated. That air is usually supplied by a make up air unit. The cost of operating a make up air unit of the above 5000 CFM capacity can be from $5,000.00 to $ 7,000.00 per year.

The 900 CFM extracted from the building by the certified hood system can usually be supplied by the shops air conditioning system and no make up air unit required.

Our certified hood systems cost a bit more but operate for thousands less than non certified hoods.

George Mills