Looking into new POS system

Hey guys, I am looking to upgrade my POS system. I was looking into Revention and arrowPOS so far. Do you guys have any feedback on those systems and suggest any other ones? My store has a big delivery base but also offers restaurant sit down. Any help would be much appreciated!

Point of Success is a favorite of many of the board members…

I can tell you who not to go with…

Anyone with some feedback!?

I have been working with PC America’s Restaurant Pro Express and have been very happy. We looked at
Alhoa, Micros, Future, EZ Dine (a local company) but went with a company called Transpay Merchant Services. They are a reseller of Restaurant Pro Express. Since we were just opening, my start up capitol was leaving my bank account pretty quickly. They’re price was great and they worked out a monthly payment plan. The software does everything I need and has the capability to encompass online ordering.
Check out there website (gotranspay.com).

Have a look at the vendor list from Pizza Expo 2011 for a comprehensive list.

A couple years back one of the Think Tank members ScottSwan did a nice post giving his impression of many of the POS systems. Here is the link. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=594

Check out isispos, ipad pos, really neat, great web based ordering.

jrose, can you tell us more about your pizzeria and where it is located? Gives us a better feel for who we are talking with and how your place matches ours . . . size and style of business can make a difference in choosing a POS.

I looked at the website you gave. They don’t give any pricing or much detail about their software online. Just personally, I want to see screen prints, capabilities descriptions and at least SOME information before I have to call the high pressure sales team to get the pitch. Nothing on their site gives me any real reason to think they will meet my needs of functionality and price. I am not at all saying they are bad . . . just devoid of hooks that to make me want to work with them, personally. Feels too much like a pig in a poke or a simple drive to their sales force.

Yeah that site is really not selling the software very well…

I’m totally biased as I work in the industry and in my opinion each person needs to try before you buy.

When it comes to Pizza you’ll see a lot of crap that’s built just for Pizza that does a lot of cool stuff but is missing bigger features that you can get in a more general package.

The bigger packages get expensive and they don’t always handle Pizza orders very well and stuff like split toppings, and pricing combos can be a nightmare to do quickly on general restaurant software.

Plus you need something that does online orders if you live near a city because it’s becoming very popular with folks too lazy to cook to be too lazy to call. Heck I was just reading about a discussion site that gives away free pizzas and they do it all online but no single company has a deal with them yet: