looking to open a pizza biz

im looking to open a pizza in a town of 10,000 just carrout/delivery but the only downfall in there is 8 differnt ones in town

2 gas stations 1 delivers after 3
2 chains 1 delivers all day 1 delivers mon-thur after 4 fri-sun after 11
1 take and bake
3 independet 2 open for lunch and eveing 1 after 5 all no delivery just sit down

would you open a biz here?

people tell me all the time to open here but i just think that there is to much already,but i would have surounding town to deliver to, what do you think?

what is the entire population base you’d hope to serve? Distances for delivery? Income/spending patterns? What about a location for your store?
In relative terms, how busy are those existing places–standing room only, dead, drivers always on the move, 1 driver sitting on her butt? You can’t know exact numbers (unless you get a spy inside each one, but I would NOT suggest that) but you can get a good guesstimate from observation. But, being busy doesn’t mean making money necessarily, as less busy doesn’t mean making less money.

It sounds like a definite lack of “quality” pizza for delivery in the area. But a little more info would help. Best of luck!