I saw one on e-bay a while back. Check there.


I have been scanning and perusing ebay for a few months now and have yet to find one there. :?

here’s one on ebay:

http://cgi.ebay.com/RotoFlex-Pizza-Oven … dZViewItem

Can you pull pizzas from the back and from the front of this oven.

They’re hard to find used. try rick eller at 1-800-hot oven. I bought mine used (3 yrs old) 2 yrs ago for 16k but rented truck drove to buffalo from philly, stored it and paid big $ to rick to install, oh yeah needed $800 for 4 new stones too. all said and done about 23K total. new they’re close to 35k I think. Good luck. I’m curious, why choosing Rotoflex??

I’m curious… why not rotoflex? If you’ve got experience that says not to buy one, I’d love to hear more.

Snowman states
I’m curious… why not Rotoflex? If you’ve got experience that says not to buy one, I’d love to hear more.

GM I am not an operator so as I have stated before I only speak of feedback I have had from Hundreds of clients.

Rotoflex is a variation of the Farris wheel ovens used in bakeries. Rotoflex ovens revolve rather than rotate. Twenty five years back the use of the rotating oven was quite common in pizzerias. Little Caesar’s Had that Farris wheel type oven in many of their shop.

Ask your self, why none of the top pizza chains use Rotoflex? They can afford to use the very best?

Apparently the reasons are about the same as why the Farris wheel type was dropped. The oven does not know when a pizza is baked to perfection. Some person has to make a decision on every pizza as to its serve-ability. People make mistakes, some pizzas can be over baked some can be under baked. Consistency can be elusive when the judgement of a human is required.

The air impingement type conveyor pizzas bake the product the same every time no over baked no under baked pizzas.

George Mills

George, brother, you’re losing me here. The large chains buy new equipment when they open a store. They hire anyone that can show up for work occasionally. They hire dumb, keep them dumb, and get dumb work out of their workers. I’m NOT calling their employees stupid, but I am saying that when you’re an absentee owner with multiple stores trying to produce a duplicatable product across the country, you standardize on as fool-proof of a concept as possible.

McDonald’s and others use “clamshell” grills which cook both sides of the patty at the same time, on a timer. They have fryers that pull the fries up when the timer expires. They are worried about consistency and speed, not the absolute best product. If they had the best product, gourmet shops wouldn’t exist.

There is NO doubt that a conveyor oven will give the most duplicatable results. Smaller chains in Chicago will put in a ferris wheel oven in new shops rather than a conveyor or other method. Of course, I wouldn’t expect a conveyor oven to make a good stuffed pizza due to the complete lack of consistency in weight, thickness, and temp required to completely bake due to number and excess in toppings.

A Rotoflex sells itself as a deck oven that removes hotspots because it moves the pizza around for you. Some people here will tell you that a conveyor can produce very similar results to a deck, but a deck CAN do things a conveyor can’t, such as cook the pizza without a screen (not counting the stone-based conveyors). A conveyor can obviously do things that a deck oven can’t.

I’m interested in opinions/experiences that say that Rotoflex is either undependable, doesn’t work as advertised, or doesn’t do .

When you’re ready to tell me that Pizza Hut serves the best pizza in the world, I’ll accept their conveyors :).

Hi snowman
I have never heard that Rotoflex is undependable, doesn’t work as advertised, or doesn’t do .
As I stated the only apparent draw back is that a human must be able to guess when the pizzas are done to perfection rather than have the oven expel the pizza automatically.

As to pizza quality Buddy’s pizza in Michigan Has been rated as one of the top five pizza shops in the US and they use conveyor ovens.

George mills


I have a RotoFlex in storage that I removed from a restaurant that went belly up. It was originally my store, sold it, and then it folded. It’s apart at the moment, which is better for transporting. It has 4 shelves, 2 working windows, 1 viewing window, hood, exhaust fan. Its their biggest oven, that they boast can hold 24-18" pies. I have one now in my shop and am not going to be expanding anytime soon, so for the right price, I will part with it.

Call Richard at Rotoflex, he will tell you its only 30 months used and in great shape. Costs have risen sharply since then and I know they are expensive now a days. They are awesome compared to deck ovens, the soapstone, which btw, you’ll have to order through Richard, bakes really well, JUST LIKE A DECK.

I have bought 3 ovens from them since 2000 and love them. They are not difficult to use at all, quite the contrary, because they rotate completely every 15 seconds and after a while, you get that spider sense as to when pies are done. Training is so easy and forearm burns are like NOT HAPPENING! Also, if you or anyone lacks brain cells, get one of those very loud 12 button timers that do wonders in reminding the staff the pizza is done. Works like a charm.

You can visit me if you’d like to test bake in my oven, just let me know. Good luck!!

Snowman, 2nd store opens in 2 mos. I’ve been playing with Rotoflex so I have an idea on how much work will be involved with it. Existing store has double stack conveyors, almost idiot proof. They’re much more efficient & we often put drivers in “the corner” to cut pies when we’re busy. You’ve got to try to mess a pizza up.However, IMO opinion bake doesn’t compare to deck/rotoflex but you need to staff accordingly for someone who knows what they’re doing to babysit that oven or you’ll have burnt/messed up pies etc. When we finally open, I’ll probably have my best guy PULLING pies not making them. Also, getting pies off of a peel onto a moving deck is not rocket science but it will require a higher-priced employee or you’ll have LOTS of issues especially on Friday nites. I plan on charging a little more to offset the cost of added labor to work the oven. You’re welcome to check it out I’m in Philly.

well this is another area where i have used all 3 types of ovens. deck ovens do bake the best i think but you have to babysit them rotoflex is the next best thing but still babysitten pizzas conveyor is what i have now and love it, i know i am not getting the same bake but i think if i fan one of my pies through and conveyor and one through a deck then did a taste test i dont think i could tell the differance…

Yes I have one in Chicago …not sure if you are still looking for one…

I am sure after 3 years he is either out of business or found one.

8 posts since 2007? He’s done.

I have one for sale email me. Nickolas.gabel@gmail.com