Looking to sell

I know I posted a couple of months ago but I though maybe a new notice might turn something up. I have recently listed my two stores for sale.

Store # 1
Delco. In business for 9 years. 70% delivery 30% carryout. 1622 square feet. Stack of MM Super 70’s (~40" belt) lots of refridgeration etc etc. Capable of and during the biggest rushes does over 4K per day. We have never quite done 5K in a day excluding sales taxes. Ave ticket for last month was $34.00

Store #2
Seasonal slice location located at the base of one of Colorado’s major ski resorts. In business for 15 years. Local and visitor favorite. Triple stack of impinger II ovens. We have done a few 3K+ days out of here with less than 20 hours total labor but typically 2K is a big day.

I own the real estate in both locations. Business and real estate both for sale. I also have a real estate investor type willing to consider being a partner in the business for the right operator. He would buy the whole thing if the right operator came along that would buy into at least some of the business. I also have buyers that would buy just the real estate if someone wants just the business.

Combined net sales 620K (after coupon/discounts and excluding sales tax) All cash. We do not take CC at this time.

32 of the last 36 months show sales increases.

Labor and Food cost are typical.

Financials are legit and transparent. All sales reported.

Business pattern is typical for a ski resort. Good July/Aug, Huge Dec-Mar, So-so Apr, Jun, Sep, Nov, May and Oct are for cleaning projects.
Solid crew in place.

If you are seriously interested PM me for additional info.

Got a call for a meeting tommorow from another restaurant operator that might be interested. He certainly has the chops and I think he has access to the funds. Wish me luck.

I wish you the very Best of Luck !!!

However, I expect you to continue to return here and offer help and advice.

Well, another week gone by. A couple of real estate types contacted me: “if you have a buyer for the business that can’t afford the real estate…” another couple of interesting folks that might like to buy the business, but don’t have the money right now and finally in the last 48 hours a couple of more serious inquiries from people that have the $$ and want the business and the real estate…

I’ll keep you informed but it really is looking like something might happen.

Wish me luck!

Business is still up. Feb is up about 11% Labor cost is actually slightly down in dollars so that is good news. Food cost is up 2% of sales over last year. Prices are up but we are doing a better job on controls.

What are you planning on doing if you sell both places?

What POS do you use now?

At the Delco we have been using Prism/Microworks since 1999. At the slice location we use a cash register.

We are opening a retail store that my wife can run. I have a brokers license and am doing business brokerage, leasing and commercial property.

And the dance continues… met with a potential buyer today. Showed them the premises and the POS system, the forecasting and reporting stuff, etc etc. They asked to meet with the bank so maybe…