Looking to upgrade to conveyor ovens....

Due to increased business I need to look into conveyor ovens. I currently have 3 very old deck ovens aInd want to upgrade to a double stack conveyor. I have to have electric ovens and would like rufurbished ones. What ovens should I be looking at? Where should I look to purchase these ovens? Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to hearing form everyone…Mark

If you go with conveyor ovens,will you still have the same exact product you put out now that makes your pizza known what it is for?

Sorry I cannot answer your other questions though.Good Luck with your business either way!


Hey Mark… I would start with George Mills here on the TT. He deals with kitchen setups and can probably give you some options for what you are looking for. I do also agree with Bill’s question about will this change your finished product at all? Wouldn’t want to loose business as you are really trying to expand it. Good luck.

I also went through this but I upgraded my 40yr old deck ovens to a new Veroforno 4 deck oven. Amazing oven! It can bake up to 180+ 12" pies an hour. That includes 18 minutes to load and unload. No hot spots or loss of heat either! And my gas bill is $360 month.

Good luck and congrats on your increased sales.

Hi auwillie

I can probably find what you need but I need some more information.

What is the size of your best selling pizza?
What is the total number of pizzas you will want to bake in your busiest hour of your busiest evening.

Not what you do now but what you hope to be able to do with conveyor ovens.

There is usually a substantial increse in sales volume when conveyors are installed

Also must you have electric? gas is much less costly to use.

Where are you located?

George Mills