Lost an eagle....

Friday one of our employees was killed in a motorcycle accident. He was 18, going to college. No drugs, drinking , smoking…didn’t even drink caffiene.

He was one of the nicest young men we have met on this 14 year journey.

Friday was horrid. Our entire staff except maybe 3 people are close friends with him. They all have grown up together, they are all somehow intertwined. Just sad as all heck.

One of the most odd things I experienced was Friday we all find out about 2:30pm. The high schoolers were at the homecoming parade when the police scurry off…about an hour later it is told to us. Our shift starts at 4. Most come through or called truly unable to work We scramble to get a skeleton crew together. Dinner rush starts and we are just business as usual. A couple of the workers who should have been off worked because they knew we had noone. What makes me want to barf is how phony we can be. Here we are in the back kitchen grieving and then off to the front to wait on a table and just acting like all is well. Truly the oddest thing ever. Really messes with ya that we can be so fake.

Looking back I wonder if we should have closed…out of respect. I don’t know…just rambling.

We managed to call in a few employees who worked for us years past to cover Sat. We are normally closed today, Sunday.

The funeral services is tomorrow and we only needed a few people, as mondays are slow. The ex employees have offered to work for the crew.

Just odd, never been through an employee dying.

Just wanted to share with ya all cuz I am sad. He truly was a nice young man.



i know all to well what its like to lose a good friend to a bike accident.

Condolences to his family and his “pizza family”. Taken at the prime of his life.

I don’t know how I would react in the same situation.

One thing I know is that the majors like PH, Domino’s etc wouldn’t close in the same situation.

What speaks highly of you was the staff who came in as well as the past staff who helped you out.

Maybe what you can do in the near future is to have a benefit night for his family or his favourite charity etc. Not only would this be paying respect to the guy, it would also be a great healer for the staff who were his friends. I think this would be great for all concerned, including yourself.


Dave has a wonderful idea. I beleive the benefit night would go a long way in helping with the healing process.

I wish there were a way to reach out and make things better for you, your staff and the boys family. The best I can do is remember you all in a prayer.

May you eagle rest in peace.

Kris, I feel your pain . Several years ago we a lost a 22 year old young man. He was married with 2 young children (2&1). He was one of the happiest guys you could ever meet. On an off day he went to play basketball with his friends and died of a heart attack. You would never no he seemed as healthy as could be. They came to find that he was born with some type of heart disease that he never knew about. We did a fund raiser among all the employees and than we matched it to help the young mom out . I know what your going through.

All the best to you and your staff,

You weren’t FAKE, you were merely keeping your personal issues personal. If you were going through a divorce, would you not put on the same happy smile?

You would have done a disservice to your staff to close. They got to try to “work” through it and be with each other.

In small towns, a wreath on the door would be respectful on the day of the funeral. He was 18. Does he have the “need” for a “benefit” for his family? Was there something he was actively involved in, whether school or church? A LOCAL donation in his honor could be appropriate.

You might also offer the use of the restaurant as a gathering place after the funeral (gratis, of course). Another option would be just offering the family free pizza when they get sick of “wake food”.

Hi Kris,

 I am sorry to hear about the loss of your employee. This is surely a tragedy and I wish you and the rest of your employees well. Dealing with a loss like this is always difficult and sad. Take care.


What a deadful situation for you and all your crew and his family. I wish you all well.

Hang in there. My condolences on such a painful part of life.

Sorry to hear about your loss!..

Quite a few years ago (1989…how time flys) my “Grammy” and I had theatre tickets to see Gale Gordon in a musical…Regretably just a few hours before show time Lucille Ball passed away…Many in the audience had not heard the news…Just before the production was scheduled to start, a visibly shaken Gale Gordon appeared on stage and announced the news…He the said that Lucy would get him if the show did not go on…And it did and it was a “special night”…

Thanks for all the support, you guys are the best.

Well the service yesterday was just unbelievable. There was a line from 2 until 8. I would imagine for his mom and dad this was quite comforting.

After the service we had everyone down to eat. It was really good for his closer friends who work for us, we stood in back as we normally do during slow times and just remembered who he was and then went up and celebrated his life with the rest of them.

I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. And you are right, the show must go on…


I am sorry for your loss and that of his families.

I hope all goes well…

sincere condolences :cry: