Loud noise.....

We have two hobart mixers about 13 years old. Every now and again when we are grating cheese it starts making a LOUD noise. Usually if you put a block of cheese in it will calm down but the minute it is gone it does it again.

How often do you replace blades? Could it be the blade?


Is the sound coming from the cheese grater attachment or from the mixer itself? I’m no expert, but I suspect it could be the belt or gears depending on what Hobart you’re using. Putting the cheese in probably puts enough pressure on the belt/gear to keep it from making the noise. But without any pressure on the belt/gear, it’s probably slipping. This is just my suspicion. I would definately call a technician. You certainly don’t want to burn the motor out.

This actually happened to me to. The problem was that the gears just needed to be greased up. Also try putting some mineral oil on the router in the shredder attachment after each use.

It doesn’t come from the mixer just the attatchment. Never does it when making dough…cuz attatchment isn’t hooked up.

I think it might be the grate plate.

Any other thoughts?


Check to make sure the plate isn’t bent.

Is it a kind of “screeching” noise?
If so, get some MINERAL OIL - any hardware store will have it. It’s actually edible, so it is OK to use for this.
A drop or two on the SHAFT of the grating plate attachment will make the screech go away for a month or more…