low fat pepperoni

I am looking for the pepperoni that cups up and crisp up when baked and has less oil and grease come out of it.

I have been using the Hormel brand and it looks great, just lots of grease and oil.
I assume I am looking for a lower fat pepperoni.

appreciate hearing from anyone with experience on this,


If your are looking to get a pepperoni that cups and chars a little when it cooks, then you need to look for product that is NOT listed as “no char”. I believe it is also referred to as American Style. The other has a sort of casing that shrinks when it cooks, and then you get the charred edges.

As for grease oozing, that may be a separate issue. I’m with you that finding a lower fat version could help. I use Hormel with good results, and just accpe tthat little bit of fat since pepperoni is a fairly high fat sausage.

Is it possible your cheese is oiling out and exacerbating the whole issue?

My experience has been that the pepperoni that cups is high fat. Hormel certainly is.

Try Bonnici (available through sysco or US foods where I live) Flavor is good.

Is it possible your cheese is oiling out and exacerbating the whole issue?

that may be part of it, some comes out of pepperoni too,
especially on “the 50 pounder”…20" pizza with 50 slices of pepperoni and a pound of cheese…
I am changing from Grande mozz/provolone/cheaddar blend to a CA whole milk mozz from Shamrock Foods…unfortunately for me, they do not carry Grande,

I use Patrick Cudahay code # 15430 it cups great flavor and little oil some but very little. Hope this helps 8)

what type of lousy pepperoni is that? pepperoni is one of the few hard core man meats, if you want less fat, open a package of bolonga.