lowering heat to top of the pizza in conveyor older oven (to add more cook time for crispier bottom)

I have older Blodgett conveyor pizza oven and it set to 5min40sec cook time, 465F temperature. the manual says I can adjust flow of air that goes to the top of pizzas by taking oven little apart and moving some metal part, but Blodgett tech person who came out to do it said he wont do it because “once they are set, we don’t touch it”. has anyone done it in older type (about 25 years old) Blodgett conveyor ovens? has anyone tried closing some of the holes in top metal plates in I cant “move” anything? oven model mt3870 Thank you

Yes you can. Jyst Takeout one of the upper fingers and block some of the air holes with a strip of metal.

That strip of metal can be as easy as using a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil. I do it all the time, fast, easy and it works!
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

should I be trying to close off holes when pizza is entering the oven or towards the end of cooking or doesn’t matter? the only issue I might have is bubbling sometimes…so I would assume to close off beginning of cooking , so that dough gets longer time to heat up properly? I understand strip of metal, but if its heavy duty foil …. wont it get blown out even if I jam it there pretty good?

you should read post and threads by “rico” for crispy crust from conveyor oven.

Close all top fingers except last. increase cook time to close to 8 minutes. Thats from front of pizza going in to front going out. 465 is a good temp.

I wouldn’t really call it heavy duty aluminum foil. it is aluminum tape. you can get it at HDepot. Usually back of store in the kitchen exhaust parts area. I taped mine up in April, and they still hold up.