Lowest price on 1 topp 14" large pizza

Hello Friends
1-Question, what is the lowest price 1 topping large pizza that you have seen inrecent time or you have done and why
2-Lowest price you will do or go on 1 topping large pizza and why.

At PJ’s, though over 10 years ago, we did a “customer appreciation week”. It was $2.99 for a large one topping. The going rate at the time was probably $7.99 or so.

It was one of the biggest failures I’ve ever had. We got order after order after order, slammed huge… but not enough drivers to get it done. We were specifically targeting the lunch crowd by standing on street corners (a la the firemen) handing out cups with a flyer and stating $2.99 pizzas. This was at like 7-9am, hitting the people going into the business district.

Had the manager gotten us proper staffing (I warned him in advance), we’d have been heroes. In the end, we looked like zeros.

Many college stores run $5 pies, as we did…400-600 pies later…

Lowest I’m willing to go for my 16" one top is about 7.99 for real special occasion. My regular price is $12.75 or so (still reworking my next final pricing). I focus on added value in my specials rather than dropping prices or giving percentage off. Now and again we’ll give a discount special, but prefer to bundle items for value rather than give $3 off a pizza or have some insande price day.

We WILL however, have the customer appreciation special that will be around 7.99 for a one top, or 16" pizza up to 9 toppings for price of a cheese. I see Little C. with a daily $5 carryout even this week. Not gonna do that to myself and ruin the reputation we have for great pizza . . . I want to be remembered with the ‘good’ pizza places rahter than the ‘cheap’ places.

One around me did $2.99 for a while when they opened. They changed it to $3.99 and offer it MTW carry out. Most by me do $4.99 everyday to compete with LC. Mine is $9.99 everyday and I don’t discount but offer Free Cheesebread and/or 2 liter of pop. I offer great pizza, but the market here in the Detroit area seems to want CHEAP pizza.

My point is same as your. quality pizza for really good price but people in Los Angeles is like your Detroit… dont care what they put in their mouth but see the price first.
Thanks for reply

I recently tried as an experiment a postcard for a $5.99 1 topping… It didn’t pull well at all. I was amazingly surprised. Although it has not expired yet and only went to 200 people.

As far as general pricing goes… I personally love a great pizza and I’m willing to pay the price for it. But thats occasionally. Before getting into the pizza business. I absolutely loved this one shop but it was always like $25 for a pizza and a 1 hour wait. Who did I order from on a regular basis? Usually Papa Johns. If I want to eat pizza once a week or twice a month, it’ll break my pocket paying $50 for 2 pizzas or $100.00 for 4 pizzas if I pickup two pies everytime I go…

So personally, I will pay good money for a good pie… Occasionally. But I will pay a smaller amount of money for cheap pizza on a regular basis.

BUT just because your pizza is cheap in price doesn’t mean it tastes cheap, or is a bad pie.

Right now, I think our prices are kind of high. We charge 12.24 for a 14" Large 1 topping, and 1.25 each additional topping. It can get expensive. But we priced them in accordance to what everybody else was charging in the area, regular menu price.