Loyal Rewards

Anyone using Loyal Rewars? If so, How’s it working for you?

I am interested in doing email blast marketing and this seems like an easy cost effective way of doing it.

I use their Moving Targets service (same company) and I am not to impressed with it. Within the time that the customer moves into town and gets their new mover letter, most have already ordered from us. So have ordered as many as 10 times and then get a welcome letter from us and get a free pizza.


I would look at Constant Contact. Loyal Rewards charged per blast. Constant Contact is per month. I think it is something like 20 bucks a month, and you can send as often as you want. You are not locked into 1 or 2 templates, you can send out a letter even. The best part? Loyal Rewards wouldn’t give me my database. They basically said that I wasn’t entitled to my own database. Run away from this idea.


Hi, my name is Jenna and I manage Loyal Rewards. One of the differences between our program and Constant Contact is that we do the work for you. With Constant Contact you have to set up the email offers yourself, with our program, all you have to do is call us and within 10 minutes your email offer is delivered to your customers. Our pricing is 4.5 cents an email address, and we only bill you for what you send, not a monthly fee like Constant Contact. However, if you are familiar with HTML coding, direct response copywritting, have time to set up your own offers, ect. then we may not be right for you. If you would like I can send you testimonials from hundreds of people that use our program and are doing well with it. As far as giving back email database, we have since changed our policy since Scott was a customer. Scott, please contact me if you would like your database - 800-309-7228 ext 132. We now are able to return the email addresses that you have collected.

For the Moving Targets program, we should be able to make changes to eliminate the problem you are having. We do have the ablity de-dupe your existing customer database, so anyone who has been into your restaurant will not get a new mover letter. (there is no charge for de-duping) Researchers confirm that new residents are
rebuilding their lives, reestablishing their identities, and dealing with a major life transition: a birth, marriage, divorce, career move, retirement, or death. This transformation continues for at least two years, until the new resident feels at home. What this means is while they are testing you, they are also testing your competitior.

Stay away from loyal rewards and moving targets. You get more bang for your buck doing it on your own.

The Think Tank will give me a better testimonial from pizza operators. The people that use your program and are doing well are probably posters on here and I will wait to hear from them.

De-Duping will not work. I have a DiamondTouch pos with a preloaded customer data base. It stores every customer by phone number, not address., it also has address of customers who have not ordered from us in it. And because people are moving we probably have their address in our system somewhere under a different phone number (the previous resident). The only way I can see if they have every ordered from us is by name or phone number. Name doesn’t work either because we don’t have their full name and address in our pos if they are walk-in customer.

My competitor also sends out Moving Targets, they look very similar to mine. This is the only reason I haven’t stopped the program. I want my customers to try the completion and come back to me because of the quality.

Haven’t tried Loyal Rewards, but have used Moving Targets in the past. I stopped after about a year. Too many mailings to existing customers and too many duplicate mailings. We would get the same address mailed 2 months in a row. I decided to do it on my own. Went to the county’s website and picked and choosed who I sent it out to. Cost me less than .50 per mailing (stamp, letter,envelope, certificate). Plu it only takes about 1-1/12 hour per month.

Please understand, Loyal Rewards, Moving Targets and Birthday Connections are services designed for busy business people that would rather spend their time attending to other aspects of their business. If you would rather do it yourself, then we are not right for you.

Not so fast Jenna. Your company is not for busy business minded people. Instead, you are in business to make money off of people that got in this business with no experience and take money from them on something that is rather simple to do.

As far as your company changing its policy about customer data, why in the world would you keep the customers info to yourself in the first place??? You and I know it was to keep your customer base locked into your program and pay your fees.

Nice try.

I was doing it myself but found managing the lists was just too much of a headache. We have email capability built into our POS (FuturePOS) and also tied to a loyalty program (i.e. we can do a search and find out who hasn’t been in the store in 2 weeks and just mail to them…). But if you are not switching POS systems I guess that’s no help.

We are sticking with our POS for the actual loyalty rewards program and to Fishbowl for marketing - there is a fixed monthly fee that is not cheap, but they have great templates, tracking and reports.

Hi pizzatime - I’m sorry you feel that way. Even with no contracts, we have thousands of satisfied customers who have used our services for as long as 16 years.
As for not giving back the database: We’re Sender Score Certified www.senderscorecertified.com and to gain accreditation, email senders must adhere to a strict set of industry standards for email communication. They don’t want us to give the database to any 3rd party and unfortunately that includes the business that collected the names. We decided to alter our policy when we found that Fishbowl who is also Sender Score Certified does it. It had nothing to do with locking anyone to us – it was all about maintaining the best possible email delivery rates!

papajoe, how do you get it from the county’s website? Where do you go?


Here, there is a county website that lists real estate transfers for each city in the county. It lists the name of the buyer, address, and the price. I simply copy (name and address) and paste onto a spreadsheet.

Search for your county or city’s website or auditor’s website and look for real estate transfers.