Loyalty Cards… do the Punch style cards work?

Hey all,
They have a sale going on at Taradel right now, if you order 10k menu’s you get 1000 free loyalty cards. So I was looking them up on-line and seen that the majority of places that use to use them stopped because of fraud.

Do any of you use these type of cards? Say buy 4 XL pizzas and get your 5th XL free? Any problems with people faking the “punches” or problems with employees punching their buddies cards to much?

And if we don’t use these as Loyalty Cards, other then just a business card, what COULD we use them for?

Thanks all!

I rarely sell “Loyalty Cards” these days so my best guess is they do not work as good as they used to…But I have a number of clients that sell reverse punch cards…X pies for ZZZ.XX price (or a combination of items)…I think some are used as fund raisers for schools/teams where the school/team gets a certain % of the sale…And I bet at the end of the day there are some unredeemed punches so I sure the pizza place does okay…Might be a good seller at Christmas time…

Just another thought. You can buy a custom made stamp (like your logo or a custom symbol) for relatively cheap and use stamps rather than a traditional style puncher.

If you go that route you really, really, really need to make sure they understand that it needs to be completely matte so the ink stays on there. They screwed up that concept, not one, but twice with mine.

we use the stamp method, got one at office depot of our logo, we do 2 types one for pizza and one for oven baked subs
I would say it works well and when they fill it out I now have there email and bday, and seriously I just put them on the counter or have my servers pass them out, so far no abuse known…

Who do you have authorized to do the punch? And what about Deliveries?

I had custom ones made up. Each driver got one.

Ditto. Custom made self inking stamp of our logo.


when I was at the Hut, we used these for personal pan pizzas, salad bar and buffet. they worked pretty good. we had a special hole punch in the shape of the hut logo, so they couldn’t be faked. unless of course a former employee of the hut stole one. But there are solutions. Get a one of a kind stamp made, something with your logo maybe and keep and eye on it.

We use them for buffet and slices. They’re fairly effective and we keep a special punch (it’s kind of in the shape of an “L”, no idea where it came from). No abuse so far.

Here is a link to a “star shaped” hole puncher. I’m sure there are tons of other shapes available out there. Hope this helps!

http://ibuyofficesupply.com/Products/15 … 52200.aspx

How is that supposed to help? The point is to get a custom one so people dont do a simple search on the internet (just like you did) to find a replica so they can cheat…