Loyalty program

Hey Guys,

Just need some quick advice. I really want to do some kind of loyalty program and want to hear some of your input and suggestions for my situation. Here are some of my ideas that I already have:

  1. Get a business cards that has 13 pizzas on it. They fill up 12 and the 13th is either free or half off. We would get some custom made stamps that the cashiers and the driver to stamp. If they forget their card, just issue a new one and allow them to combine when necessary.

  2. My computer tracks the number of orders, and converts the dollar amount into a point system. When they reach a certain number they get a percentage off or even a free pizza. But theres really no way to let the customer know of where they’re at, nothing to remind them. It would be just more of a surprise.

Thanks for any help!

When I rent videos (not very often any more) the slip I get with the rentals tells be how many more rentals before I get something free…They used to give free more rentals but now it is usually a $10.00 gift certificate for for something other than rentals…Same idea at my drugstore…The POS tracks it…

We use punch cards the size of a business card for slices and buffets. I honestly don’t think it does much for customer loyalty, it’s just something they participate in along while they are planning to buy from us anyway. Especially since we’re the only slice shop in town.

Yeah my pos tracks it but doesn’t print it. It also tracks the number of orders, but you have to manually scroll through the orders and manually count how many pizzas.

Plus many many people don’t even want a receipt or just end up throwing it away on the way out.

You could design a coupon that prints on the reciept as a bounce back. It may be and add on or a discount.

Indie Pizza have you tried a “reverse” punch card?..Sell them so many slices in advance and punch when they redeem them…A number of my clients do pre-paid cards as fund raisers…Helps the schools and/or teams, helps the pizza place by reaching more customers they may not already have, unused punches are in your favour, saves time at busy times because you do not have to ring in each transaction…I sell mostly laminated wallet cards for this but others use Peel A Deal…

I have a highly successful loyalty program. I use customized poker chips that we hand out to customers that spend at least $15. When they have 10 poker chips saved up, they can redeem them for a free large single topping pizza.

I decided to go with poker chips, because I feel that customers are more likely to keep something that has perceived value to it. Punch cars are overused IMO and there is no perceived value. I can recall having a bunch of them in my ashtray and eventually they got thrown away before they’re filled. With my poker chips, they stay around. They remind my customers every time they see them and they’re re-usable.

I constantly get compliments from my customer. They love the poker chips. I know it’s working because my customers will “remind us” not to forget their poker chip.

This sounds like a fun idea. Imo, punch cards are tired.

What POS do you use? Maybe someone on here is familiar and has a solution for you as far as tracking it goes??? The problem I had when I tried using the POS is that most of the time customers forgot to use their phone number when ordering to receive credit. Then they would mention it later and the only way to record it in the POS was to void the sale and record another – big pain, especially if they used a credit card.

A way you could use the point system on your POS is to just advertise it as a rewards club where they can earn valuable offers/discounts/freebies. Don’t state specifically what it is or what they will get. Your POS should be able to award different things at different point levels. I’m sure there will still be people who will question their points and how much longer, etc. but I would think this system would at least minimize this.

There are some expensive reward programs that you could enroll in that would accommodate all the concerns of both you and customers but its about $2500 to set up on your computer system and website. Sort of hour Best Buy has their rewards program.

I like that poker chip idea, that’s pretty clever. We’ve got regular ol’ punch cards, but they seem to work fairly well. I run a Pizza King (Indiana-only chain) and at the bottom of the “Loyal Subject Reward Card,” the letters of Pizza King are all caps and spaced enough to punch them out. When a card-holder spends $10 or more, they get a punch, and then on their 10th visit (as Pizza King is 9 letters) they get a free 10" pizza.

I recently started handing them out and I’ve already seen qiute a few filled. They aren’t much good for getting new customers because I hand them to people as they come in, but they’re a nice little perk to our regulars, and a little incentive for the casual customer to become a little more regular (a nice alternative to fiber;).


Why give away free pizza?..They will buy the pizza anyway…Why not give them free “goodies” of some other kind so they try other menu items?..

They have to spend at least $10 for a punch, and get 9 punches. That’s at least $90, and likely to be well over $100. A small pizza only costs me a few bucks, and it’s something everyone would want. We bought our business just under a year ago and it was in shambles. Thankfully, we’re about out of the hole they dug us, but we’re still such a small place, the “prize” has to be something people know and like already so they’ll come in to get the punches. I’ve got a couple specials on our side/appetizer items and some of our low-selling items, but I wanted to make sure I got enough use out of those cards, so I made the “prize” something worthwhile.



Where do you get the customized chips? Are they available online or do you buy them locally in your area? Thanks.

I bought a slew of poker chip labels and the software to print them myself (http://www.chipcustomizer.com). However, I just bought a hot stamp machine on Ebay and will be switching over to Foil Printed poker chips soon (once my dies are made). These will more professional looking, permanent, and lower cost than the poker chip labels. Blank poker chips can be purchased on Ebay for about a nickel apiece.

There are lots of companies that will custom print poker chips for you, but they are about 25 cents apiece… kind of spendy.[/url]

How is a guy like me that sells “swag” going to make a living…Might have to switch to “do it yourself pizza” cause pizza shop pizza is “kind of spendy”…lol…

Because I can’t do fridge magnets like you can… still looking forward to getting my kit. :smiley:

UPS tracking says Monday…

Is anyone using Gift Cards for their loyalty program? I’m looking into a couple of different companies that offer Gift Card and Guest Loyalty programs on the same mag stripe cards.