Loyalty Program

Having recently purchased a revention pos system I was wondering how many
fellow operators have a loyalty program in place? Iwas thinking of starting mine out
once the customer total reaches $ 100 he would recieve a coupon for $5.00 his next
order that that sound fair or to cheap? By the way nobody eles in town is doing
this Thanks in advance…Tony

We have a loyalty program that uses a 3% rebate amount. For every purchase you make, 3% is added to your account balance and you can use the rewards in $3 increments. That was the default setting, and I don’t think its too high or too low.


Be generous with it. Every $150 our customers spend they get a free pizza. Every new enrolment gets a buy 1 get 1 free. It definitely works!

How are you guys tracking sales and point amounts for loyalty programs?
I looked into the Mercury Legacy" program, and I am not too keen on purchasing mag=stripe cards at that cost to do it.

Also, how are you tracking purchases, I’d really love to reward my regulars on a more consistent basis than what we currently do.

Thank you

Rewarding your patrons for their purchases is important, indeed, but these days loyal customers are often a business’s most powerful, dedicated and cost-effective marketing team (for new customers) than any other form of advertising. Why not set up some special rewards for things like:

[]Special posts to social media sites by your customers about your business
]Referring a friend
[*]Posting an Internet review
It’s a great way to get double-duty out of your Rewards program.

I’ve been dragging my feet on my Revention loyalty program. We are a delco and we get very busy in the lobby during dinner, obviously phone orders are easy to keep track of as it is tied to a phone number, for us to implement the program we would need to tie all of the lobby traffic to phone numbers which means an extra few steps per customer (getting their # and looking up their account) and thus making things a little more difficult during an already busy time. We keep a certain number of pizzas ready during this time so the ‘grab and go’ concept which the customers love would just take a little more time. I guess the only way to find out how disruptive it would be is to just do it and see what happens.

By “lobby traffic” I’m assuming you mean foot traffic? A good Loyalty program should be able to provide a customer-facing tablet application at which a customer can “check-in” using any number of methods, including but not limited to:

[]Phone Number
]Email Address
[]Phone Application
]Keychain Card
The next generation systems will be able to sense that a customer has walked into range of the tablet / POS and automatically check the user in. We’re already testing that functionality with ours.

Contact your POS provider and ask them if they provide a tablet at which a customer can enter his/her phone number at the register, taking the burden off of your counter staff.

A good Loyalty system should also be able to:

[]Check your customers in at their individual Facebook accounts when they come to your counter, “Bob S. just checked-in at Pizza Now!”, or “I just got a free slice of pizza at Pizza Now! Sign-up online (with a link) or visit them today at (address) to start earning your free slice.”. You could also include what we call a “Sign-Up Offer” intended to get first-time customers in the door. This helps expose your business to friends and family of your existing customers, and as a trusted source of information provides a higher probability of sign-up.
]Automatically send out email / text-message offers to customers that have not been back in 30, 60 or 90 days (or a time of your choosing).
[*]Allow you to schedule up to a year of promotional offers in advance, based on national holidays, current events and even customer-based events, like Birthdays, Visit Frequency, Email Interactions and more.
The purpose of a good Customer Loyalty program isn’t to give away pizza, it’s to build a community around your business. Some POS companies focus on strictly rewarding purchase amounts. That’s nothing more than a digital “punch card”, and while it may help mitigate Customer Attrition (loss), it isn’t designed to build a community around your business.

Hope that helps!