Loyalty rewards programs

Just wanted to get some thoughts, opinions, and/or experience with loyalty rewards programs. Never used one before, but seems like it would generate great ROI.

From our experience, no one ever knew how many points they had, even though it printed on their receipt. Or they knew they had to have enough points by now, but it was on 2,3,4,5 different phone numbers. My suggestion is if you do it, you need to do it with email address as the account. This seemed to work for us when we were using eWordofMouth which integrates to Brygid. It was only valid for online orders. Did it generate more sales? I don’t think it did. Our online orders haven’t suffered since ending it over two years ago. We couldn’t justify the cost of eWOM per month, per Location for the results we had.

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To get real value out of loyalty program you should consider using the data for business intelligence
and also for winning back customers who have not visited in a while.

If your POS offers rewards/loyalty/freq.diner programs, then that’s your best option. Many POS offer it for free as a part of the software and few others have a monthly fee. Either way, it would be much better using that instead of a 3rd party app. Much easier, fully automated and within 1 database. Just a suggestion!
Ask your POS provider to see what options they have to offer and you can compare that with many 3rd party apps to see what’s best for you.

Our POS, Prism, offers loyalty points. We choose the option of automatically enrolling customers by their phone number a year ago. We didn’t make a big fuss about it but 6 months ago we had signage made up and added a burb on our menu about it. We offer a large pizza for 200 points and we ask the customers on the phone if they would like to redeem them. It’s working out well for us.

Do you run into issues with people having multiple phone numbers and not understanding why they can’t combine the points from multiple numbers to get their free pizza?

So I pulled the trigger on a loyalty program and I’m in the process of setting it up. Have you guys found more success with cash off type deals or free side item type deals?

We really don’t. We have had people ask if they can combine and we tell them it’s not possible. What I suggest to them is that, since our points don’t expire, build up enough points under one phone number, redeem them and then just use the other number exclusively.

We do one point for $1.00 for most menu items. We do exclude lunch specials, drinks and side items like extra blue cheese. Every 100 points is $5.00 off and every 200 points is a free large cheese and one item pizza.

i use a 10 punch card that i made on vista print order a special hole punch buy 10 get 1 free
goes like gangbusters

What kind of punch do you get? I was thinking of doing something similar.
How does your program work… ten punches and you get… what? Anything? Large 2-Topping?

How do you do the hole punches for delivery or do you not deliver?

driver intials it


this is where I ordered they are heavy duty and will last

Thanks for that. I was kind of wondering about the exclusivity, shapes, etc. Not that it’s a huge deal where I am but… I could see how it might be for some.
Thanks, again.