Loydd pans Vs Screens

In the stuff i got when i bought a closed figaros there was both screens and pizza disks they look like the loydd industries product. There was also a pizza disk with a removabke ring that looks like it makes a 14 inch disk into a 16 inch. Using lincoln impinger ovens. What can you all tell me about yout loydd pans PIZZA disks? I have heard they work better for thin crust pies than screens anybody know?

I switched from screens to Lloyd hex discs and love them. I’m not sure they cook better, but I have yet to have to replace one and pizzas just don’t stick to them ever. It wasn’t common for us to have pizzas stick to screens but it did happen and usually at the most inopportune time. The downside is that they don’t cool down very quickly, especially if you keep stacking hot ones on the stack.