LP oven + Chamber of Commerce = marketing bonanza!

I finally finished the conversion of my oven to LP after lots of gnashing of teeth and fighting with pipe dope and brass fittings. It was a project specifically completed now to participate yesterday in the annual Chamber of Commerce Fundraiser Golf Tournament. It is a 36 hole tournament at which they have a program called “Expo on the Greens”. Everyone pays a fee and can set up an exhibition at one of the greens on the course. A chance to get in front of 39 teams of 4+ people, plus other exhibitors. It ranges from funny to informational to downright alcohol bribery. They give cash prizes for 1st and 2nd place best exhibit. The payoff is getting word fame in the Chamber and business community for referrals and credibility.

Last year was our 1st year to pony up $250 to reserve a hole. Well, we took a medieval encampment, roasted meat on a spit over live coals, handed out gyros with that on it, and dressed in medieval costumes. We took second place and got $$ to pay for the entry fee. Still cost probably $225 in food, labor and gas costs . . . . but that was a pittance compared to the word of mouth and actual business we got for three months. It wasn’t an onslaught, but people came in for several months citing the tournament or someone at the tournament as how they heardabout us.

THIS YEAR we took the pizzeria to the greens. We baked 10" pies on sight, taking them often right out of the oven and serving slices to patrons. Cold Peroni Nastro Assurro on tap to go with the pies. An awning sheltered some red/white checkered table clothed tables and grapevine accents. Sure several people were sad we didn’t have the roasted lamb . . . but raves over the pizza. People were talking about us all day and even drove from the other side of the country club to get another piece of pizza. We served a WHITE PIZZA with artichoke, feta, garlic and garlic butter base (added chicken on a few) plus traditional RED SAUCE pies with variety of pepperoni, mushroom, garlic, feta and ham combinations.

FIRST PRIZE, BABY!! We took home the $500 check this year and have to find a way to do more next year.

Next year maybe do a small chicken one and call it a birdie and a huge one and call it an albatross. Any spoilt ones go out as bogeys.

Pretty lame, just like my golf playing.


You really seem to run a great shop/restaurant…Your community seems to know how to have good time as well…Congatulations…well done…by the way did you previously mention you serve a town of about 30,000

Easy, I’m betting Nick would WISH it was 30,000! If I remember right, you’ve got the right numbers, but have the comma in the wrong spot! Nick’s one of my hero’s and doesn’t know it…he’s kicking it in a town my size and doing it well!

congrats to the Grantville gang!

Nick you continue to amaze me with your grasp of the pizza business and how to make it work very well in a small market…Keep up the good work…Good job!..