Lunch Buffet

I have a few questions for which I would appreciate feedback and/or suggestions.

Thinking of doing a lunch buffet. Currently, we hand stretch to order and use a peel. My concern is if I prep in the morning by pre-stretching and saucing several pies to save time how can I avoid the problem of the sauce seeping through and causing the dough to become too soggy causing tears in the dough? Any suggestions?

Also, I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions about what to serve. I plan on doing the standard pizza favorites, plus a pasta…what else can anyone suggest? Friends have suggested salad, dessert pizza or cookies? I can’t get too fancy, my place is not that big, but I don’t want it to look too skimpy either. I plan on charging $4.95 plus fountain drink.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

I’m not a buffet guy, but I learned a lot while in the midst of this thread earlier this year. There is a TON of information about this particular shop, plus buffet stuff intermixed. It’s a long thread, but useful for some folks. That shop ultimately went toes up, but they gave a good go of it using what they got here from the Think Tank: … ght=buffet

Also search the Think Tank archives for BUFFET

If I eat pizza for lunch for 5.00 I wont order it for my family at night for 25.00. Buffet’s cheapen the opinion of pizza places…and people eat your product so often they get tired of it…


Thanks for the info. I will check it out.

Good point! I have been thinking about that as well.

I believe I will do a little more research as Nick suggested in a earlier post.


Key point of a buffet is that success is dictated by VOLUME. If you drive lots and lots of people through it . . . then it will be cost effective to profitable. If you cannot drive lots of people, then it will be sink hole of cash to possibly break even. Profit margin is thinner and waste is higher on a buffet than regular menu line, even considering labor savings.

BUFFETS: Price is why they buy . . . volume is why we sell

10 people ordering off the menu is a break-even possibility. 10 people on a discount buffet line is a nightmarish loss.

there was also an article in PMQ earlier this year, if I remember correctly, about buffet profitability. You may find it in their past issues.

buffet can get costly
I think they are ok in terms of allowing your current customers and potential new customers to taste your pizza
I would not do anymore than pizza,pasta,salad bar

4.95 is too cheap with the cost of goods now
make sure you charge extra for soda

think about an “All-You-Can-Eat” PBTS concept, with a side salad and a drink…keep the pies rolling in from the kitchen & bring out a few slices to your tables @ a time…kinda like a “Family-Style” service…big bowl of salad & bread stix 2 start

Thanks everyone for the input! I respect your advice and opinions.

This forum is a great source for information!