Lunch Clubs

I am interested in starting-up a “Lunch Club” to attarct high school kids, local contractors and home builders, erc.

My thoughts are to offer a member ship card with an offer of buy ten lunches over $3.00 and get the 11th free.

We already have unigue stamps to mark cards to avoid (minimize)fraud.

Any ideas or thoughts on how to start this off? Any hints on waht to do or not do based on your experience?

Thanks for all the feedback—the forum really works well. I do know how I will be able to incorporate all the ideas at once.

Jerseyguy, I wish I could help you, but I’m struggling with a little dayshift problem myself. I’ve always run stores with great dayshifts because I was affiliated with national pizza chains and the business came in naturally. So, unfortunately, I’m not a good source for information… HOWEVER, if you look at my post about “Dayshift Sales”, I got a lot of feedback that could possibly help you. I think the last post was about a week ago. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk