lunch good, evening business slow at new location. whats up with that?

I had few and worked in many pizza stores and everywhere nights and weekends were busy and getting lunch going was a problem. but now I am at store that’s opposite. lunches weekdays busy cause lots of offices but nights and weekend very slow. I tried mailing menues to mostly residential zipcodes around and got very poor response maybe cause its very affluent/wealthy area and people prefer to go out to fancy restaurant vs getting pizza delivered. how do I get more dinner business? I never been in situation like that.

In the same shoes as you, frustrating as hell

is it cause much bigger day time population or cause extremely wealthy area or both? im both. what did you try to do? did anything work? im not trying to make same amount of sales at night, but just even it out to maybe 60%lunch-40% dinner, instead of current 75-25

I found that mailing menus works for the blue collar folks but not so much for the wealthy. Are you on any third party order sites like Grubhub, Ubereats, Door Dash, Slice? I always suggest using those at first to get your name out there and slowly lessen them as you get busier while pushing your own online ordering site as a cheaper alternative. Every order for one of those third party sites would get a box topper offer code for my online ordering site so they could save 15% by using my site instead of those, which is also cheaper than the 17-30% you’re paying those 3rd party sites on your end so it eventually works itself out and you take away the third party sites and the 15% off code once you’re happy with what’s coming in regularly.