lunch time faxing

ok I know we have talked about this several times but I need to pick your brains on creative ways to add to my daily fax list.
I currantly offer a free lunch drawing and we send out little requests on box toppers,
I am thinking of having a contest with my crew to see who can get the most permission slips!!!
also I am adding the request for faxing and EMAIL to the back of my menus.
but I really want some out of the box thinking.

You could make personal visits yourself with pizza samples to various offices in the area. You could make appointments or do drop-in cold calls. With food and menus in hand, you might make a direct impression on the “gate keeper” and get some buzz running through the office. Nothing got our law firm buzzing like free food . . . like little locusts buzzing the break room.

Include a flyer or some material explaining that you have specials that are faxe out daily, plus the daily drawing. Get a sign up roster for people to put info, and a box for business cards. You might make a point of ‘drawing’ a card from one of the big offices each week as an additional drawing to keep them interested and watching for you.