Luxury Pie: NYC Restaurant Offers $1,000 Pizza

mmmmmmmm, expensive pizza

Yeah, I saw that on the news this morning before coming to work. It was interesting, to say the least…I wonder what the food cost is?

The thing you have to look at here is the strategy…he may…MAY…sell one of these in a month. He will have to keep expensive ingredients on-hand in case he gets an order and will loose some money on waste and spoilage (unless he is smart and eats the expensive lobster and caviar himself before it goes bad), but the most important thing is that out of the 3,000 pizzerias in NYC, he is now known. He will probably get the equilivant of several hundreds of thousands of dollars of advertising in the form of free publicity…be different…and alert the media

there is also a $100.00 cheesesteak in philly,PA if i remember coreectly it was on food network thry sell 6 a week. but its big enough for 2.the price is in the truffles lobster import cheese.