Mac and Cheese Pizza

Does anyone here do a Mac and Cheese pizza or have some ideas for making one??

We had a mac and cheese pizza that was our most popular and it was insanely delicious…

We would spread a good amount of our cheese sauce evenly on the crust, add cooked (plain) macoroni noodles, then sprinkled on cheddar cheese and then topped off with mozz cheese. With bacon and it was to die for.

(The cheese sauce we used was a can of nacho cheese sauce that I spiced up with a generous amt of black pepper, a pinch or two of crushed red pepper, 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese and 1 cup parmesan cheese. Cook until cheddar is fully melted and everything incorporated.)


That does sound good. Can you tell us what size can and brand of nacho cheese sauce you used? And did you use the elbow macaroni?



I cant remember the type (I think it was either deluxe or something with aged cheddar in the name, but now that I think about it it def wasnt their nacho cheese sauce) but it was Bay Valley Foods Cheddar Cheese Sauce in a #10 can. And yup elbow macaroni.

To prep the noodles I would cook them right till the point as soon as they turn tender, not al dente but not mushy either. Then quickly rinse with cold water, drain completely, then a tiny tiny bit of salad/vegtable oil (so it doesnt stick) and store. Do not be stingy on the quantity of noodles for the pizza (you should see any of the cheese sauce), they’re cheap and its just not the same when they’re on the light side.

We have a mac and cheese with buffalo chicken pizza in our menu… we use just regular kraft mac and cheese… pizza with no sauce, spread the mac and cheese on top and add the buffalo chicke also then put the pizza cheese on top of everything… I actually have a picture of it but I don’t think you can post pics here… the pics are in our facebook page. We also make that into a sub and the kids love it… usually the add bacon to it.


What’s the facebook name/link/page? How do I find you on there?


How much of the mac and cheese do you make in advance?

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I post from my cell phone that why I I didn think I could post pics lol…
The mac and cheese we buy it already made… kraft mac and cheese… it comes frozen and believe it or not its pretty good… … 7543014102