Made NBC News NYC Today

the phone rang this morning and I saw the (212) area code (NYC) and wondered who that could be? I figured it was a friend calling to say hi and was I surprised when it was NBC. They interviewed me and some other people for the article and put it out by lunch time. The news world sure moves fast like a WFO pizza :slight_smile: We had lines out the door again for lunch today and will definitely have to consider putting a dough ball limit per day if things continue like this. Here is the link. Walter

God bless you
George mills

Thanks George! We feel blessed to be able to do this. walter

You are part of God’s work. Thank you.:slight_smile:

Thanks Tony! It is really a no brainer and we feel lucky to do what we can. The Ellen Show called this morning and interviewed me for a possible spot on her show and a Houston TV Channel did an interview with me as I was mixing dough today :slight_smile: I had no idea the ABC thing was so big. We have gotten tons of emails and phone calls from people around the country with special needs children and or are passionate about the cause. We dreamed of this and had no idea it would happen. Walter