Magic Chef Gas Deck oven

Hi everybody,

I am currently in the planning stage for our small pizza shop and was doing some research on affordable, used pizza ovens and came across a listing on eBay for a Magic Chef gas deck oven. The dimensions are 60"W x 39" D x 58" H.

Unfortunately, nowhere is listed any info on its BTU’s, maximum temperature or the interior deck dimensions. Is anyone here familiar with these ovens or has any info on it? In the listing it says the Brand is Blodgett but nothing comes up when doing a Google search.

Any reply will be much appreciated.


not a great pizza oven. get a bakers pride Y6oo.
George Mills

If you’re set on a deck oven, Blodgett isn’t bad but as George said already, Bakers Pride is best in deck ovens. Cheap to repair too. Montague deck ovens are also solid deck ovens if you find one. Where are you planning on opening?

Thank you very much, George.

I’m wondering what the flaws are about the Magic Chef and why they wouldn’t be adequate?

I also have my eyes set on an Attias 1-JPS 4-18 Compact. The Bakers Pride ovens are a little bit out of my budget right now.

I thought about the Montagues as well. Friend of mine highly recommended them but they are somewhat hard to find used. Perhaps auction houses will have them. Parts, though, should be easy to come by since Montague is out of Hayward, CA.

I also have my eyes set on an Attias 1-JPS 4-18 Compact.

That’s only a 60,000 BTU oven. Save up for while and get a 120,ooo BTU oven.

George Mills

George, have you ever seen anyone stack a single deck oven on top of a single conveyor oven? Was thinking about trying it and was curious is all.

Yes: We did several of them. Best to put some angle irons from edge to edge to get the weight to the outer edges of the conveyor.

George Mills


I have the chance to buy a Blodgett oven but I am not sure what model it is. It is an older one, though. Looks more like a roasting oven than a pizza oven given the size of the door.

I can get it for $800 with an additional set of new stones. Owner claims it goes up to 800°F. It does need a little TLC. Deck size is 41"x30" which I think may not be sufficient.

Do you have any info on this model?

[SIZE=14px]Hi Fog Horn:

Looks like a Blodgett 951 but that oven’s inside dimensions are 42" X 32" 12" tall door
None of the B Blodgett pizza ovens are that size

Looks to me like a converted bake and roast oven.

To my knowledge no Blodgett oven had an 800 degree thermostat. If that oven can hit that temperature it must have been modified.

George Mills[/SIZE]

Hi George,

Thanks so much for your reply. If that’s really a 951 it only has a 36,000 BTU output. I’m not sure if that’s sufficient at all. However, if the guy I was speaking to is correct and the oven really goes up to 800°F then there must be some sort of modification in place.

I believe the 951 has a two-deck 12" height chamber. But if the guy was talking nonsense in regards to the 800°F is there a way to increase BTUs to let’s say 80,000?

Thanks again.


is there a way to increase BTUs to let’s say 80,000?

Not that I know of.
George Mills

Check out some restaurant supply places for good used ovens. I know a guy in SF if you want his contact info just message me.