Have you found success with magnets at your pizzeria? I’m working on a magnet story and want to hear about your creative ideas and uses for magnets. Email me at if you would like to be interviewed on this topic and share your knowledge with fellow operators in the pages of PMQ. Thanks!

Tracy Morin
Mangaing Editor, PMQ Pizza Magazine

Now this is the best thread I have seen in months…lol…Sure looking forward to the replies and subsequent article…

Don’t know why they didn’t just interview you Royce?
Probably 'cause you are from over the border :smiley:

This is a topic that I hold near and dear. There are a few of you that I have had involved with me in the Magnet Project a couple of years ago. I have used Royce as a source for both my business card sized magnets as well as my memo boards.

I have customers that called my store for the first time because they moved into a rental home and there was one of my magnets left on the fridge. If you are not using magnets you are losing out on the permanent visual impressions that impact the customer every time they go to the fridge.

Here are a couple of links that give a brief overview of my passion for magnets.