What’s the best place for good quality and good pricing on magnets?
I was going to mail mags on cards but when I last did that they were a stand-alone magnet shrink-wrapped to the postcard.
I’m not sure if that’s still something that’s done- spoke with a company today and they
really just do a postcard with a magnet on the back so the card itself sticks to the fridge.
Wasn’t thrilled with that but it’s not a bad way to go, I don’t think, as a mail piece.
That said, I still need magnets to hand out, etc. have been my choice for years…

I’ve also done rack card & affixed my own magnets, either for EDDM or simple door hanging…works great!

I have always had good service from @royster13. I buy 25000 at a time.

I have used Accuprint for about 5 years and I always get a great product and service. Cost is .93 with printing and mailing included. I think it is .15 without mailing. Here is a copy of an email I received from Les at Accuprint:
Hello Paul,
How are you?
I have attached a sample of our Accumag magnetic postcard for Pizza Companies. We pre-print the color shells & then imprint your logo, store and coupon info in black ink.

The cost to produce is .093 each plus versioning & mailing or shipping.

Size: 4.25" x 10.5"
Magnet size: 3.625" x 1"
Perforated coupons: YES

#1 - We can ship them to you to distribute.
#2 - We can mail to a radius around your store. I will supply you with a postal radius report & map.
#3 – These are approved to mail Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
We can ship them to you to take to the local post office OR we can ship them to your local post office.

We can also produce a custom Accumag for you. Please contact me to discuss pricing.

Please contact me to further discuss.
Thank you very much,

Leslie Reesor

Vice President of Sales

4101 Reas Lane

New Albany, IN 47150

(812) 944-8603 x103 Office

(877) 511-2228 Toll Free

(502) 314-0587 Cell

(812) 944-8605 Fax



nice, but I’ve been a graphic junkie for years…post cards cost me less than a nickel & the magnet another nickel…

For postcards with magnets affixed I use[/URL] and for business card sized magnets I use [URL=“”]

Thanks for all the responses, all.