Mail or Newspaper?

Well now its time for me to advertise. I have been quoted 11 cents for each in unaddressed admail. Or 7 cents for the newspaper? Which do u think is better? I mean the newspaper is cheaper, but less people look at it. Even though I may throw out something from the mail I look at it first then chuck it. With the newspaper I dont even open it most of the time to see whats lurking in the middle. Has anyone done both and found one better than the other?
What ill be mailing out is my menu, but across the front will be a large sticker letting everyone know that we will be starting delivery service.
Thanx all

That 11 cents is just postage. It does not cover your printing costs. With that said, mailing gets to everyone, the newspaper does not. I would go for the mailing every time to distribute a menu.

yes that is just postage. I already have the menu’s printed and honestly I want to use them up. Since opening just over 4 months ago things have changed some and I’d like to get new ones. The ones I have do have everything on them. But i’d like to jazz em up a bit for a new run. I do think postal is a better way to go, but I always have to run things past you all on the tank!

We’re 4,000+ menu mailers into the first 15,000 addresses we got from We do anywhere from 600-1200 menus a week. The return is better than newspaper.

At first we would fold, insert coupons, address and stamp the menus ourselves. Then we finally got smart and now have the return address, RESIDENT, our city, state, zip code and bulk permit stamp all printed on the menu. So now we just have to right the street name and house number which makes it much easier.

Do you really want to spend the money to mail menus that you are not happy with? I can’t see spending double the cost of the menus on postage when they are not to your satisfaction. It may seem wasteful, but throw these out and mail your new, jazzed up one. The better response will more than pay for the ones you throw out.

canuckfanlady maybe you can find someone to co-op your delivery with…Find a non competive business and mail your flyers together so each only pays 1/2…You still get to use Canada Post and save a bit of money…And for your next flyer consider 11 x 17 tri-folded…Way more impact and your mailing cost stays the same…Your printing cost will increase but mailing will still be most of your investment…Good luck…

I have done both and seem to get better results from the direct mail. The newspaper inserts have been hit and miss and I’m not really sure why. Now that we can get cheap postcards though, we haven’t gone back to the newspaper in a while.