mail shark update

got my free 1000 menus and they look sharp, better than I thought.
my (INHOUSE) isnt till next week…april 1st and already generated 294.00 in sales…
I took 200 around town…block buster, couple apartment complexes and hotels…so this coming week is already paid for :slight_smile:
next update will be my frist mailer (remember I chose to start slow and I am only doing 500 each mailing for 179.00.
keep you posted

How has the mail shark program been doing for you? What kind of response are you getting?

How did the first week turn out Rockstar?

I got my menus this week and was also very pleasantly surprised by how they looked. Our first mailer goes out next week, I’m pretty excited…especially since my online ordering should be done (finally!) this weekend.

let me say WOW, the first week came in a little soft but still was very good, the second week was very busy but again we had the final four so I didnt know how to judge it, week 3 and four have been awesome…we are still pulling from week one plus we are seeing a lot of old returning customers, dining room has been hoping its been a tota success!

another sucessful weekend, I am on the verge though of having to increase labor, I am glad that I did the 500 mailer over the 1000 a week, this gives me the chance to full grasp how sales will be and to get a strong crew in place before the next run.

Congrats! I’m happy to hear that’s working out for you! Don’t be affraid to add that staff if your rocking!

Thanks for the updates…


What kind of offers/coupons did you go with…if any.

I was just logging in to ask that same question.

I put 5 coupons in my mailer:

  1. $10.00 XL single topping pizza
  2. $20.99 XL single topping, medium specialty and Bone’z (breadsticks).
  3. Free appetizer with any XL pizza
  4. Buy one calzone, get one 1/2 off
  5. Any sub, chips and fountain drink $6.00

Question (they aren’t answering their phone):

Does this company take your current database and remove it from the mailing list? Or do they just target their mailings by area/carrier route without regard to you current customer list?

Dine in special Large 2 topping Pizza and breadsticks 9.99
Crowd Pleaser $21.99 Large 2 topping pizza, side salad and breadsticks, plus bonus FREE breadsticks and FREE two liter
Unlimited topping pizza $21.99 large unlimited topping pizza and BONUS free large cheese pizza!
$5.00 off any order of $30.00 or more (cannot not combine with other offers)
DINNER FOR 2 Medium 2 toppings pizza & 2 side salads $14.99
large 1 topping pizza $9.99

mailer I talked to Josh and yes they can remove your data base, his only concern is that you can only pull out 25 percent of a postal route to still get the saturation price, I had thought about it but I will say even though my current customers are getting coupons they have really increased there spending habits with the menu and they keep the menu around.

OK here is the long over due update we are on week 8 of the menu mailing portion, we actually will now have a 2 week down time (we mailed 5000 and it was over 8 weeks instead of 10)
week one threw 6 was great average sales up 100 dollars a day, Friday and Saturday are up about 250.00
week 7 was not great, Sunday Monday Tuesday and Wednesday were FLAT and what I mean by that is sales were pre-mailer normal. But Friday Saturday Sunday was WOW.
so I feel this will be a very interested week for me, I hope sustain this wave for the 2 weeks of down time.
OK now I am also at a deli ma, do I continue on this pace and follow threw my blog or do I up the ante and do the 1000 mailers (double the mailers for only $129.00 more).
My one worry is that I do remember reading that its wasted money to advertise in the month of July, across the board pizza sells are down and the public doesn’t respond well to ads during those time, that would be right in the center of my campaign.

I don’t know the American market and your so called down times but for me, I look at maximising every oportunity, all of the time. You just have to take a look at what the biggies do in the fast food industry - they just bombard you all the time, week in, week out.
You never know it may end up like the old saying “While the cats away, the mice play”. Everyone else stops advertising because it is slow, so why not up the ante and go h3ll for leather and try and get under the radar of the sleepers (non advertisers). You never know you may hook into new customers or get current ones to buy more often.
It seems you are on a roll and the expense of doing it is reasonable so what have you to lose?


Just think of it this way…
Successful people are successful because they try more and they do more. They fail more and they succeed more.

Only way to find out is to do it.


Thanks for your updates! i took the plunge and went with the 500 a week program. If it as half as successful as yours ill change to a 30000 mailer program. Wish me luck;>


I’m new to this forum so let me just ask the the question, I am thinking on doing a 1000 a week mailing for my small pizzaria but I’m just wondering what kind of return will i see?

There are far too many variables to give a real good answer to that question…So most replies will just be “educated” guesses and may not apply to your circumstances…It depends on a lot of things…

  • How much competition in your market area…
  • How aggressive your competitors are…
  • How good your mailing piece is…
  • How good your offers are…
  • What price point you are selling at…
  • What price point your competitors are selling for…
  • Whether the quality of your pizza meets the demands of your market place…

Roysters correct on all accounts, you could start small doing the 500 and see how that works for you.
Update I am on my last week of NO MAILINGS I did mine in combined 8 weeks with 2 week down period and I can feel the withdraw. I am still getting residual usage and sales are up over when I started but down significantly from when the mailers were in home. The 6 by 9 postcards got out this coming week and not a minute too soon

Before you know it, you’ll have a 3000-a-week-mailer habit and we’ll have to have a Think Tank intervention. We’ve all seen this tragedy so many times before… I just hope you never get caught out at night doing door hangers trying to get a quick fix.

Thank you for your input guys. On the good note we have great customer base and retention, great product and the only real compation is the local pizza hut. We just started delivering so I would like to get a bigger peice of that market in our area. Like everyone else I’m a little nervouse spending the 299.00 a week but truth is we don’t do any advertising or coupons in our area so I think its time we start. Also if you can give me some ideas for specials that have worked you that would be a big help.