Mail shark update

well I am close to finishing up my second leg of mailers, and here is where I am at!
when I first started as you may know I started with 500 menu mailers and saw an increase of about 100 a day and 250 on Fridays and Saturdays, in my next run I stepped it up to the 1000 a week mailers and really have not seen much increase at all. BUT i also haven’t seen a drop like most of the time in July. I did expect a drop, I was sure that the menus would have the biggest response and in 2 weeks we will doing the tear off magnets, so I will let you know how that goes then we are going to do the 1000 menu mailers WOO HOO!

Was the 2nd run hitting the same target addresses as the 1st? How much overlap between the two and were both mailings the same menu or a different format?

Just wondering. I’ve seen the same pattern of response with things like marriage mail, newspaper inserts and such. I always get a decent response from the 1st run of a new format and then it slowly melts away into nothing noticeable with every additional one. Changing the format (from insert to mail to print ads) in which the ad is delivered seems to jump start the campaign. I was interested to see if the “Mailshark Method” of altering between different direct-mail pieces would have a similar effect.

Although, summertime in the Hoosier state always seems to be a difficult time to manage any sales growth for us. Maybe once it cools off in the Fall is when you’ll really see dividends on the awareness you’ve built.

We just opened up our second pizza place and the 1st month with no mailers we did 25k, The 2nd month we did 10,000 mailers, 2 sets of 5000. And we did 36000, We are now in our 3rd month and we sent out 5000 more mailers, and we are on target to hit 50000 in sales this month.

I am a very frim believer in mailers, we are sending out 4x6 post cards and its 2500 bucks for everything total out the door.

Next month i am sending out 10,000 8.5x11 mailers which only cost 2700 bucks for 10000. Not much more for a mailer that is 3x bigger than the standard ones

GOOD LUCK keep sending them out.

On my last mailer we got about 4-5% return on them, not bad for direct mail