Mailer results

We started mailing our menus out about two
Weeks ago from yesterday. We started small (1000) not knowing what will happen. I started with
A carrier route, not far from us, just in a part of town we haven’t tapped. The reason I chose this route was not because it was untapped but because it would easier to track the new addresses. We have three coupons attatched to the menu
A free order of Zeppolies with a purchase of ten dollars
Or more. A free two liter soda with an extra large pie and a family meal.
Results: I am very impressed with all the new addresses. We have logged over 25 new customers and only received about 12 coupons. It seems like the menu is catching the folks, and not the coupons. I am feeling wry optimistic about the results.

You can pretty much count on 3% return on direct mail

I have seen as high as 6% from some of my mailers but that was a one time deal

I agree with you. Obviously you need the coupons to track your success rate but menus definitely are a big draw.

That would certainly be impressive if you could “count” on that kind of return for a general mailing.

Hey Pakula’s

I received one of your lunch faxes from RFG Mktg as an example…how is that working for you?

I was thinking if signing on with that $99/month but not liking that set-up fee


doing the mailer from mail shark we are seeing about 5 percent most of the time. we did have a couple hiccups and there was a time or 2 that we seen 1 percent OUCH…and that was on a magnet mailer.
RFG…I think they would waive the set up fee if you got your own opt in fax numbers but as I understand it they have to get 100 fax numbers AND PERMISSION, thats worth it to me just to not have to collect all them…
ps it has worked out GREAT for me

Famous. I can’t say enough about rfg. They are awsome. Forget the setup fee. I don’t know how much it is but it’s worth it. They have a great service, Andy is awsome, And it’s as close to a garuntee you could get. They do everything legit(faxing is a sensitive subject) and very reliable. If they weren’t good they probably wouldn’t use actual customers as samples. The funniest thing is, Andy yells at me because I’m not aggressive with it at all. If you put a little time into it he can drastically change your business. If not you can just be complacent and happy like me. I hope you end up with them. They really are special. If you have any questions you can ask me. I’ve been with them for 10 years. He guy I worked for used him and changed his business. As did i