Mailing Lists

Anyone have experience with someone other than MelissaData?

Their customer service sucks. I’ve called daily for the last week, and hang up after sitting on hold for 15 minutes.

Twice I sent emails via their website. I got a response, both times from 2 different people, but they never reply again. I’ve used them in the past with no problems, I don’t know what their problem is now.

I’m looking for a list of high school seniors, and I’m running out of time.


I use someone local. I don’t know who she gets her data from, but she gave me a quote already on highschool seniors (we are working on the same task I guess)

My count was 616 addresses. That was for 16 and 17 year olds. She told me because of the small list size, I could get next years (of course not all of them) but I could get next years seniors for the same cost. It was $150.00ish

Email me if you want her contact info.