Mailing Menus vs. Door Hanging Menus

It’s so hard to actually track sales generated from mailing/hanging menus…but I’m wondering if anyone has any opinions on whether one works better than the other. I can door hanging menus for about $.15/home including labor, so it’s a lot more cost effective than mailing.

The other plus to hanging instead of mailing for me is that I can now add one of my beautiful magnets from Royster and still cost less than a stamp.

If you do a section each week and repeat the cycle a few times you should be able to see a pattern of sales that sort of follows the areas you have hit…In my pizzeria days, in a large city we had a 6 weeks cycle we did over and over and over…In a small village we divided all the house into 3 sections which we did over 3 weeks over and over…Some said the 3 weeks was overkill, however, as we were at least 40% more costly than the other places we had to be aggressive…

When I ran a shop in Pittsburgh we’d get a huge return on doorhanging. I’d take three guys with me and we’d go out and hang for two hours. When we got back we’d be getting orders from the area we had just done. We averaged 6%-10% return there.

When I started my own shop in central PA I thought the same results would happen out here but it never happened. I was a big fan of doorhanging until only managing 1%-2% return during our first three years here. We’ve now switched to mailing postcards and menus and have seen a much better return.

I don’t see us trying doorhaning again for a long time.