main street hub

has anyone used for managing social marketing? how has it been. seems expensive, but they don’t have contracts beyond 3months ad they claim high retention after 3 months. had been fairly positive about them until we had a video meeting that went well, but turned into a used car sales pitch at the end that was a huge turn-off.

what have your experiences been?

I have not personally used it but have some friends who have and hated it.

we used fishbowl for about a year, same idea… not worth it

I used it, for 3 months it was $300 a month,
They ask permission to have access to your google page, facebook and yelp. They send out invitations to customers to write reviews on you, then they resoond to new reviews usually with some canned response, they let you see the response to the review before they post it. You can make revisions. They usually try to smooth over neg reviews and engage positive reviews, they also post things on your facrbook page a few times a week
Overall its not a bad thing it just should be less money

I used a company similar to Main St. They are all the same, do exactly what Jamie said and charge a lot. I paid $350 a month for 6 months and then stopped using them. Guess I’ll be looking for a company at the expo :slight_smile: