Maintaining Crust Cripsiness; trays, pans, and inserts?

Hey all,

We are focusing on what we will be serving our Detroit-Style Pizzas on, and how we will deliver them.

Does anyone know who manufactures this serving tray, or something similar so we can let steam release from under the pie so the bottoms don’t get soggy?

Also, does anyone know what those ribbed cardboard inserts are for delivery boxes? I think that should help release steam for delivery options…

Any other serving tray suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Those bubbles are called “nibs” and American Metalcraft makes pans like that:

Those cardboard box inserts a called “ripple sheets.”


Depending upon what kind of issues you are having with your pizza, pizza inserts/ripple board could alleviate many of the downfalls of takeout and delivery pizza. The main problem with putting a pizza inside a box is the basic fundamentals of thermodynamics. Heat wants to transfer from an area of higher temperature to an area of lower temperature. Therefore, by the entire bottom of the pizza touching a pizza box/corrugated circle/wax sheet, heat is transferring out of your pizza faster than if it was sitting on a pizza insert/ripple board. As ripple boards also reduce heat loss they are also allowing air flow to flow under the pizza (removing moisture, maintaining crispiness) and collecting excess oils from your meats and vegetables. The best part is these inserts are available for pennies per sheet.

I use Perfect Crust Liners and they’ve improved our delivery product big time. We only serve crispy crusts across the board, even on delivery! Taking over the pizza scene in SF one pie at a time :slight_smile:

I am interested in getting a few samples in 12" & 16" sizes, also pricing, shipping options,


I sent you a message.