Major bubbles in Dough

We’re working on a new concept with a pizza press. We did a few test bakes today, 8oz for a 12" pizza. Bottom fingers fully open, top fingers block, block, finish, block. Trying to cook fast, 4:05 at 455⁰. Pizza press is heated top and bottom, 200⁰ for 8 seconds.

Anything come to mind to eliminate these bubbles? My first thought is changing the top entry finger to be Left Half Blocked and Right Half Open.

Is dough room temp? Tom lehmann said the number 1 reason for bubbles was cold dough.
I dont know how the first top finger being closed would effect bubbles, but why would you want to miss out on all the yeast activation in the first minute or two.
Or I wander does all the heat from the bottom force bubbles to the top???

Yes, my thoughts are that the dough isnt heavy enough so all the air blowing out of the bottom is creating bubbles, so if I take some air flow off the bottom and cook the top in the beginning some, it may eliminate it. It’s just a hypothesis but making logical sense to me. Just haven’t tried it yet. May have to move to a 9 or 10 oz dough ball as well