Major screw up = major publicity!

Well in 8 years I have never made an order for the wrong day but it happened today. I had 24 pizzas for a meeting at the hospital and because I forgot to confirm dates I made them for today instead of Friday. I was on my way to give them away and was thinking who i could give them to so I started to make a mental not of the places I would drop them off like the police station, school, hotel, radio station… hey wait maybe the radio station willhelp me out! So I went in with a couple of pies and explaind my story to them and asked if they would do an announcement that I screwed up and had some extra pizzas and i am going to sell them for 5 bucks each first come first served. They said we wont do it you have to. So I went into the sound booth and told the whole town I screwed up and now my mistake is going to bennifit all the listeners out there. While supplies last we have 14" hot and fresh pizzas for only 5 bucks. We had a good laugh about it and then I left to go back to the store. It only takes about 3 minutes to get back and there were already 5 people there. We sold those pizzas in about 8 minutes and had a lineup out the door! when we did run out about 75% of the people left but the rest ordered food. The guy that got the last pizza had a crew of workers to feed so he bought 4 more large loaded pizzas and most people also bought drinks and other add ons. I had to phone the radio station 1/2 an hour later and tell them to let people know we were sold out just cause I felt bad for the people still comming in ( i wasnt going to say anything but we were already behind with orders) The funny thing was it waas the talk of the town all day long every where I went people said something to me. Makes me think I should "screw up " more often

Very nice lol…I wonder if accidental publicity works out better than planned eh?

Great thinking, great story!

Maybe you should plan to do this sort of thing about once a month…make up a load of pies and then run the “fake” screw up ad for a limited number of pizzas for $5 while supplies last…hmmm…that’s pretty good

by the time you’ve made em, packed them in your car, driven around, then gone to the radio station, spoken to the guys there, recorded a radio message, and then driven back to the shop - I’d hardly say they were hot and fresh. Any new customer coming in even getting a bargin ain’t going to be impressed with half hour old pizza.

Whilst you managed to off load them I’m not too sure I’d want to sell pizza’s which have been taken out of the shop then brought back - even with the best hot bags in the world. I think you’d have got better value from the good will you’d have got giving them away.

The hospital is 3 minutes away and the station is 1 minute from the hospital and the radio station put me on the air in about 2 minutes of me arriving and I was back at the store in about 3 minutes after that so I was back in about 15 minutes and the people were already comming in the store when I got back and we were sold out in about 10 minutes. The pizzas were still warm when I took them out of the car and hey we were selling them for 5 bucks! Yes maybe the goodwill of giving them away would have made those people happy but I dont think it would have brought close to 40 people into my store and had the whole town talking.

Wow! $5 pizza must be a news in your town. In my town, whats new about it. LC advertise the heck outa $5 pizza.

Awsome gimmick! My wife did the same thing a couple weeks ago at the paper mill. 12 pizzas a week early. She peddled them for $5, but it didn’t occur to her to call the radio station. The funny thing is, she tried to GIVE the pizzas to the secretary at the paper mill to put in the break rooms, and the lady turned her down! She couldn’t fathom that we were willing to give away the food.
Tom R

In my area $5.00 pizza is not available…$8.00 for a 12" pepperoni is the lowest price in town…For 1 topping 12" pizzas the prices ranges from C$9.00 to C$12.95…RCS…

That is the same here. Probably because we get hosed on cheese and gas prices, lol

Sometimes during our dinner rush we made the odd extra pizza anticipating they would be sold…When we had extras we used to deliver them to the “canteen” (bar) at the local legion…RCS…

I just saw on the News… A local restaurant owner, kicked OJ out of his restaurant over Derby weekend because he thinks OJ was guilty of killing his wife.

I’d take a guess he is probably in a boat of legal trouble now but his restaurant got alot of exposure over it…

Maybe OJ’s on to something here. Since his book deal fell through maybe he can offer his services and allow restaurant owners to refuse him service and create huge media exposure.

Word of caution though: If you hire him… hide the knives. :shock:

Or at least make sure the (cut) glove fits! :shock: