Make line about dead. Anyone use a TPP-93?

I am looking for a new makeline/prep-table. Looking at equipment on line the TPP-93 looks like it has what need. Does anyone have any experience with this unit? I have double door True freezer that has been a good piece of equipment so I am positively predisposed to the brand.

Other suggestions?

I have one of those that I am getting ready to replace, it has lasted me about 8 years, with no mechanical problems. However the construction of the unit is another story. It has been falling apart for the last 5 years, all the door hinges are worn out, the lid hinges are in shambles and everything is dented, cracked and falling to pieces. I also find that the design of where the pans go in the top makes it very hard to clean out properly - too many nooks and cranny’s.

The LaRosa that I have sitting next to it is another story. It is about 15 years old and never had a problem with it either, and it looks brand new. Heavy duty everything, no scratches, no dents, no problems.

I would not consider the True again. I have narrowed my new choices down to the Marsal or another La Rosa.

I had a La Rosa table for about 28 years and it was great. I needed more room and just bought the biggest table LaRosa makes and I love it. This one should last until I retire. It has self closing doors, easy to clean SS interior, cold wall design up top with adjustable height rails for your product, and easy to clean you when you shut down the rail at night.

Good Luck,


I have a TPP-93 and I will echo everything “thepizza” said. No mechanical problems to date (almost 6 years) but the thing is falling apart. All of the lids have the insulation out of them because of the terrible design, and my hinges are also completely shot. It’s dented everywhere and the casters are terrible (three have broken off, the bolt housing is a bad design.)

I’ll double echo the cleaning problems. The top takes forever to clean because of the nooks and crannies.

I have a True reach-in cooler that seems to be built like a tank; I don’t know what their problem is with these make-lines, but when it comes time to replace it I will definitely pay an extra couple of thousand dollars for a solid unit.

Thepizza and Tony397 are correct. I have been selling LaRosa products for about 30 years and their pizza prep tables have beem amazingly problem free.

George Mills