Make Line Freezing

So, I just cam in and found the top part of my makeline frozen and everything in it frozen. The bottom part is fine. Anyone know why it would do this? I can’t fiqure it out. Thanks

Check to see if your compressor coils need to be cleaned. A dirty coil will cause the compressor to overwork and because the refridgeration coils are often near the top of the table it will freese the make line.

I dont know but mine keeps doing the same thing its down as low as it will go and all veggies on top only will freeze.

Most make lines will freeze product if it is left in the upper section with the lids closed for a few hours.

The reason is that when several years ago NSF standard # 7 was inposed on the manufactures the temperature requirements are so low for that section that closing the lids for a few hours will freeze the toppings.

If your health department has not told you that you are supposed to take the toppings out of the upper section and place them in a refrigerator or walk in or in the lower section of your prep table when your shop is closed,they have been remiss as that is the proper procedure.

George Mills

The problem is more than likely you have a refrigerant leak. I know that sounds backwards - but it’s true.

When the refridgerant is low, the valve that controls the flow of coolant to the upper part of your makeline doesn’t work properly. It is a seperate systems from the part that blows cold air into the bottom.

I’ve had this exact same problem more that a few times in the past.

Start by cleaning you coils well and then check for leaks. Gotta clean them coils regularly to take the load off the compressor.

I’ve had this problem with the coolant unit icing up on the fins and the overall temperature rising.

My technician found a minute gas leak, fixed it and refiled the refrigerant gas. He said the icing up is due to the gas getting low and the unit then overworks itself thus causing the icing.

Recently had the sme problem in my coolroom and found the compressors wre full of flour dust (unfortunately we have to have ours indoors - on top of the coolroom). The tech cleaned the compressors out with nigtrogen and all is well (until the next call out and $350)