Make line scale

I need to replace my make line scale. Any suggestions?


After getting completely hammered with a previous post about not weighing things, I’ve decided to give it a shot to see what happens… experimentally… for this month only… until I see the results. Anyway, I got a cool little digital scale from Wal Mart. Costs about $40 and is super accurate. Weight limit is 5 pounds so you can’t put any pizzas on it, only your portions. -J_r0kk

Check this scale out. Its low profile, and has a remote display to mount on the wall or wherever is convienant. A bit expensive, but will pay for itself quickly. I don’t endorse the company I included a link for, I’ve never heard of them, just did a quick google search for the detecto pz series. You may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere.

sorry forgot the link: … scales.htm

This might seem like a silly question, but Im new so Im allowed. I get ingredient weighing, but what do you do with a pizza scale with a foot pedal?
put the skin on then zero before adding sauce, cheese , toppings?
Fill a brother in…and Thanks


Yeah, the foot peddle tares the screen, dough, and sauce. Definition:

a deduction from the gross weight of a substance and its container made in allowance for the weight of the container; also : the weight of the container

In other words, you put the skin on the scale, hit the button with your foot, and it sets the weight at zero. -J_r0kk

Sounds too fancy for our needs. I’d rather go with the Walmart scale.

I only use the scale to weigh cheese. I put the sauced dough on the scale, zero it out put on cheese to the correct weight, then move off the scale to put toppings on. Much faster than trying to weigh xx ounces of cheese and then put on a pizza without spilling some. I guess if you don’t use a grated makeline you’re already taking the time to not spill any.

We use the Avery Berkel 6115 - it works perfectly for pizza. No-touch zero. I can weigh every ingredient as I top the pizza - once you get used to it, it doesn’t take any extra time to use.

We got this scale because, to me, it doesn’t make sense to only do it half way - if you are going to contro portion, do it right - and completely.

I started with the Wally World scale and in made enough of a difference that I decided to go all out. I want one with the touchless tare.

Daddio - Then get the 6115.

I think normal price for the scale is $895 or so - expensive.

However, someone posted a link to buy the scale at a special price ($325) via a Grande Cheese special. Look at this thread:

pmq. com/cgi-bin/tt/index.cgi/read/24765 (remove spaces)

Go to the link in that thread using that userid and password. You dont need to be a Grande cheese user - we don’t use it. I just ordered it from there and it arrived in a couple of days - no questions asked.

you can read more about the scale here:

averyberkelusa . com/portion/6115.htm

I’ve got 2 avery berkle/weightronix scales that are basically new that haven’t worked from day one. If interested I’ll sell them cheap!!! The detecto PZ series also has the touchless tare and is lower profile.

Just curious - why would you still have them if they never worked? Wouldn’t you return them for a refund?

That’s a whole lot easier said than done. Only so much runaround I can take from a company before I write them off as an expensive learning experience.

It’s suprising. The 6115 I have seems built like a tank, and I haven’t had a single problem with it. Is that the same scale you are having problems with?

Which model do you have?

I have one 6115 that doesn’t weigh properly, needs factory recalibration, and I have a 6112 that the photo sensor has never worked on. Spoke with the company a pizza expo, was assured everything would be taken care of, and ended up getting nowhere. Now a Detecto fan.

Since I’ve been using a scale, I’ve kept the bowl on the scales so that I could weight any topping or cheese no matter what size of pizza, that seems to take less time.

Too Scale or Not Too Scale.

I was trained right from the begginning with Domino’s Pizza to scale the first 10 pizza of the day. Using my hands to draw food out of the bins, and place the toppings on the pie. This helped me calibrate my hands. If it was slow enough I would scale everything all day, but generally during dinner rush, and Fridays, and Saturdays scaling all the time was out of the question. I notice a food cost variance of nearly 5% on days I did not use the scale to day I did. 5% times $10k a week, times 52 weeks, thats $26,000 a year savings. I think regardless of how much money you spend on a scale, if it works a year, or 5 years, its absolutely imperative that you get one. Even if it only saves you 1% on your food cost, that still $5,200 a year.