Make line scale

I use scales in about the same way. When it’s not busy, everything gets weighed. If you’re deep in the weeds, lose the scale. It’s worked out great for me, as I always run within 1% of my POS system’s ideal food costs. I find that a simple $35 postage scale from the local office supply store works best. I usually get about 1-2 years out of each one, so it’s better than investing $600 on one, although I have thought about at least trying one, if I can get a used one for a good price.

Here is a $385 cost for the Avery Berkel … _Scale.asp

Taylor TE12 for $270 … 10231.html

and Detecto PZ3000 for $595 … scales.asp

I might start with the Taylor that has a foot pedal and a wall mountable display. Less cost to get into the game.

I’ve got that TE. Got it on Ebay, JUST like new, for about $125.
Due to the size of the platform, I’ve actually ended up using it mostly for doughballs, and keep a little avery berkel on the makeline, which we use to spot-check weights.
But I have that TE, we beat it up pretty good, and it’s working real well…

This scale works great for me… Helps with food cost and CONSISTENCY. … urer_id=61

and at a good price. I use the Wal-Mart scale when weighing dough. just the right size and settles fast like a dashpot.

I have had the Avery Berkel for over 3 yrs without a problem…much better than any foot pedal type scale from what I can tell…we use only for cheesing pizzas & extra cheese(big help) for the most part, not toppings

I really like the Avery Touchless Scale. Works well, reliable, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Since we have all of the pizza shows coming up you might think about seeing if you can snag one from one of the shows if you plan to attend. A lot of times you can get a special show price and save a few dollars.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I just tried to go here and get the login and password. I cannot get the thread to pull up. Does anyone have the info for the Grande special? I am trying to order a portion scale next week and would love to get this model.

The thread comes up, you just need to erase the space. I’ll include the link with no spaces. Don’t waste your money here. I’m sending you my brand new 6115 today. It’s been sitting in my garage for close to 2 years. I cant use it beacuse the platform is too large. I ended up purchasing a couple of smaller (I think 6112) and had no luck getting them to work. If you use this, just send me a few bucks for shipping. If not, save someone else the trouble and ship it on to the next person.

I’ve got the 6115 that I place in a dough tray. I don’t have make line grates, so my next task is trying to figure out how to collect and save the “fall over” toppings so that isn’t wasted… but onto the scale.

I’ve had lots of trouble getting the photo sensor to accurately zero out and register my hand… some days it wants to work fine, other days it wants to zero out on the slightest movement. So last week I put together an RJ45 extention cable and moved the display to the top shelf of the make line and that has worked REALLY well. The display has the sensor in it and it is almost at my head, so it doesn’t care what my hands are doing, until I actually place them up there to zero it out.

My problem with the 6115 is that the base is larger than my smallest screen. So if I cheese a 12" pizza on it and then cheese a 16" pizza, the cheese that is left on the scale from the smaller pizza will make the larger stick to the screen. I have purchased two smaller avery berkel scales and have never gotten the photo eye zero mechanism to work. A small shadow in the background zeros it out. Big Dave touts these scales as the end to the box of scale parts sitting in the corner, but they ARE the reason I have this box in the corner. Their scales suck and their customer service is even worse. I still say if you are doing high volume, the detecto pz scales are much better!

Scott, on the idea of makeline grates, I have started buying regular makelines and having grates custom made. Cost about $500, but not too much fancier than the PJ’s sheet pans under grates that rest on the table top. I bought my last set through Northern Pizza Equipment. They had them custom made to my specs.

Quite generous! I read this once Saturday and somehow didn’t catch the part where you were sending it to me. If it works, it will be a godsend. It will be a big help getting that part going in the make line.

I have 3 6115’s working wonderfully on my makelines (at 3 different stores) for almost a year now - no issues at all.

If anyone else has any 6115’s they want to give away, I’ll be glad to take them. :roll: