Make Line

Do you guys take everything out of your make line at night? We switch the pans or containers everynight, but I am not sure if I need to remove everything, the covers don’t seem to seal very well.

The big chains I worked at took EVERYTHING out of the make line, including bottom stock. The reasoning was that if you lost power or if the makeline died, you just lost a LOT of money. They will warm up pretty quickly. This was several years ago, so the insulation technology may have improved.

We don’t take everything out each night. Once a month we take everything out and give the inside a really good cleaning. If you keep your spacers in and make sure the lid bolts and table joints are screwed in tightly it helps keep a good seal. I’ve seen some places that put plastic wrap over the top of the table under the lids to help seal it.

If your makeline goes down over night though you’re out of luck.

The lids - at least the ones I have - DO suck.
Get something closer to a seal with a “flat cover” than a snap-on lid that doesn’t snap.
We do empty out the make line, but not the bottom. The unit is however, brand new and perfect temp.
We do NOT mingle small makeline container contents with the larger back-up food bins below.

The biggest factor would be your makeline’s holding temperature. Some makelines just do not hold food for 24 hours at below 41 degrees. They are essentially useful and approved for storing food for immediate to soon usage. Ours runs at a constant 36 degrees (as measured in the FOOD not the air temperature) so we keep everything in the makeline all day every day. We cover everything (including during the daytime) with lids except the green peppers and the mushrooms which are never covered (to increase longevity and reduce slime). The makelines themselves have, of course, stainless steel lids that cover all the containers.