Make Table Question

I have a make table, it’s older and was quite used when the owners of the shop I now manage bought it. The problem is this, there is a lot of water in the underneath cold storage. there are two trays that catch water that are always overflowing. I tried to unclog the lines with a long piece of thin hanger like metal is there any other thing I could try? Also, what could be causing this. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated

clean the coils use an air compressor and blow out the line from inside the makeline out i have to do this sbout every 6 months

You can also pour hot sanitizer solution down there nightly after you clear them to help keep them clear.

They make wickes that you can buy for the evaporator tray. I clean coils every two months. Use coil cleaner once a year or twice if you make your own dough (more flour dust in the air).

Hi ADpizzaguy:

Your Prep table must be very old. The is usually a heating devise of some sort in the catch pans that evaporates the water. You can buy an electrically heated unit to put into them. If you will give me the dimensions of the pans I can get heaters for you.

George Mills

I have an older true pizza table, and when the water starts going into the storage cabinet (usually during the summer months) I unplug it and leave the doors open at night to completely defrost the condensor this usually straightens it up.

And also what the other posters said, clean the coils on the compressor. and make sure it’s getting plenty of air. If it vents to the front of the table make sure nothing is placed in front of the vent, and if it’s on the back and up against a wall, pull the table out a couple of inches to get air circulating.