Maketable door gaskets

Anyone know where to get new gaskets for a maketable?



Wow Kris, great minds think alike… I was just shopping for these about 5 minutes ago.

Here’s some I found for True’s (which I unfortunately have):

Both of those carry other brands as well. I’m a little bit shocked by the prices though.

I’m also looking to replace the top lids on my prep table (two small, one big). The small ones were over $350 each!

I think the only “junk mail” postcard that I’ve ever used is from someone here called “The Gasket Guy”.

Happens to have his business in one of our stores delivery areas. He comes in a replaces any gasket for less than what it would cost me to buy them online and install myself.

Maybe you can find a “Gasket Guy” in your area?

I think it’s a pretty good business model actually. Especially the way the health inspectors around here mark you off for moldy or torn/ripped gaskets.

Do you guys change your own or have someone else do it? My freezer is in need of some new ones according to the h.i.

They seem to have a good supply of them too:

Thanks for the info.

Also found some at etundra now it is figuring out which one for this ancient pos. :wink:

I have good luck with Tundra in the past, they should have what you need.

Good Luck,


Thanks for the info on etundra. Seems their prices are a bit better. It’s definitely time to get them changed because I can feel cold air coming out of the doors.