Making a menu... where is the diagram?

I’m redoing my menu from Legal size paper to Letter size and I’ve been looking for the diagram on PMQ they use to have to help setup the menu locations.

Anyone have any idea where it went?

Thanks all!

nevermind, found it here:

Why are you cutting back the size?..The slightly larger size of the 8 1/2" x 14" can allow you a little creativity in folding which will allow your memu to stick out a bit…This is especially important if your market is competitive…

This new menu is going to be an Insert in the newspaper… Letter size is a decent price where as Legal size is crazy expensive.

From my experience menus inserted in a newspaper have far less impact than menus distributed by other means…And, cheaper may not really be cheaper if your return is reduced…A more expensive flyer may get more order and therefore be a better investment…Good luck…

what kind of a flyer are you reffering to? printing them up and taking them to the post office to ship, like a direct mailer? I looked into that and man it’s extremely expensive.