Making an employee an offer

My main cook told me he was quitting and tomorrow would be his last day. (He had mentioned he was looking for a new job about a month ago after I lost two cooks. I thought he was trying to “threaten” me into giving him a raise…cuz that is pretty much what he said)

Anyway…so maybe it worked…should I offer him more money? He is only making 30 more cents an hour at his new job and of course he is worth it. The cost of training someone is expensive. But for the crew morale I don’t want them to think they can do this anytime they want a raise.

I think I pay my people well he has worked with us 1 1/2 years. He started at 5.15 was given some small raises and then in Jan minimum went up to 6.50 so I moved him to 7 and then gave him a 30 cent raise in April. So he makes 7.30.

To move him to an 80 cent raise only would cost 34 bucks a week isn’t that worth it? I could send him home early a few days and save 34 bucks.

Arghh…Is this my pride…probably.

give me your two cents or in this case your 30 cents

so I guess your main cook makes $2 above min…my main cook makes $6plus above min…wanna trade? :wink:
as far as the sending home early to save, I am not a believer in that system and it usually comes back to bite you
good luck

The are questions that pop into my little pea sized brain: Has he asked for a raise before? If he is jumping ship for 30 cents without asking for the raise maybe money is not the only issue here. If you do offer the same wage as the new job will he be happy? Is he blackmailing you by giving one day notice? There seems to be more issues here than a 30 cent raise.

Just my 2 cents ( that is Canadian so in US dollars .186 cents)

Thanks for your thoughts…called him and asked him if this was about money…he said kinda…trying to go to school, keep a place and have a girlfriend and can’t do it with what he makes. I agreed. I gave him a dollar and said I appreciate him and don’t want to lose him.

I think it was a pride issue on my part…fact remains the guy is the best oven guy I have had in 13 years and I need to take care of him.

Thanks I think I was having a panic attack in the midst of my day. :?

Actually 2 cents Canadian is now worth 1.94 US…Our canuck buck is soaring…RCS…

I’m glad that you’re happy with the end result.

But I have to tell you that this whole thing just doesn’t sit right with me. Here’s the issues I have:

  1. After losing two cooks, this guy lets you know he’s going to bail too. So he has no sense of commitment or dedication to your shop.

  2. Once he finds a job he gives you one day notice. Which means he has no respect for you or your shop.

  3. Instead of coming to you like a man and asking you for a raise and explaining his current situation(school, girlfriend, apartment) he just goes and looks elsewhere. This once again reflects a lack of respect and very little communication.

  4. You said, “…the guy is the best oven guy I have had in 13 years and I need to take care of him.” First off, what about him taking care of you ?? You’ve given him a good place to work and I assume you’ve treated him fairly. But it’s obvious he doesn’t care about you or your business and you reward him for that ?

  5. He was going to be making 30 cents more at the other job and you gave him a dollar more ?? Yikes.

Like I said, I’m glad that you are happy with the results. But I think you really need to take a step back and objectively look at your employees and how they treat you. There’s no doubt in my mind that you are fair, understanding and flexible with your crew while giving them a nice place to work. But this guy just walked all over you and you let him.

When I was an F & B Director during the Orlean’s World’s Fair, labor was a BIG challenge…

I ended up paying a breakfast cook $15/hr and ya know what? I never had to cook breakfast again!!!

If your shop is a premium place for pizza & a great place 2 work, then generating a good staff is important…

When you hire people, let them know what their responsibilities are, and when reviews/raises are due…then stick 2 that schedule…

But don’t let employees run you ragged either - more money goes with responsibility and a job well done…

Wow, it gets confusing around here. I thought you were a driver.


Like td_VP192 I don’t think I want someone who would only give one day’s notice. I truly believe in giving promotions and raises to people who work hard and deserve it but I need them to respect me in return. Giving notice is the very least one can do. My guess is that this issue will arise again with him.

Seems to me he did tell you but you choose to interpret what you thought he meant rather than talk it out with him. In my experience that was the point to make or break the relationship. Obviously he could have said it with more tact and given you a firm two weeks notice but by you not reacting to what he said you basically reinforced his decision. What else was he to think? And for $.70? It was not just a money decision which means there is still a problem.

We all make compromises here and there to make things work but I can’t imagine calling someone back in after they walked out on me. That really puts you in a bad position with him and everyone else that works for you.

Tow potential mistakes: 1 . . . letting a key employee go over 30 cents; and 2 . . . . going back to get him after he bailed with no nnotice and giving him a $1 raise to boot.

These may not bite you, but I do recommend finding a way to recover the relationship balance. When the lunatics think they run the asylum, there is an uneasiness for everyone, and the other employees could lose respect fast, thinking they can extort more money as well. That may not at all be the case, but it is a potential I would mention to you.

Prometheus is better in business than Epimethius (twin brother Titans in Greek mythology . . . Prometheus: forethought and Epimethius: Afterthought). Yo;ve given me good reason to now look at a strategy about what to do if one of my guys does this . . . and be ready AHEAD of the game. Thank you so much for sharing with me.

Of course there is always more to the story than we put in on the few lines we post.

I think he did try and give us notice and talk to us about it…We just blew him off. I was ticked about the other cooks leaving and stressed and felt I was being forced to give him a raise cuz I was in a bind. But I think what really was happening is an opportunity for me to ask myself why did those cooks leave and it was because of more money.

On a side note my night manager hired an “experienced” cook for 7.25 (one who left) and I’m sure it ticked him off, it would me. He found out about it. Mis communication on managment part and I have corrected that.

As for the notice… I did talk to him and asked him why such short notice and he said he had been telling the other manager for weeks he was looking. (I have been in and out of the store for a few months dealing with the new store) I also realize he is 20 years old. He found a job which paid more and needed him to start Saturday. Even though I don’t agree with it, I certainly understand it. When I was 20 I would have done the same thing.

He really is a great guy…just trying to find his way in life and wanting to earn more money so he can take care of his life. I don’t blame him.

I am still juggling life and settling in to double the trouble with two stores.

I have been so focused on the other place I think I have taken for granted the people I have at store #1. One of the things I love about our store #1 is we are like family. Most employees have been there over 6 years. I am sure they feel somewhat abandoned since I have been focusing on the new place the last 7 months. I have missed them and I am sure they have missed me. Time to spend time with them and see how they and their life is.

I would have never ever done this for another employee. Aside from his oven skills he is the only male who works days and the girls absolutely adore him. He is the one who keeps everyone laughing. He is the one who stops and gets donuts for the girls on Friday. He is the one who brings a cake on their b-day. He is the one who has created 3 new menu items. I should have taken care of him all along.

We’ll see maybe this will be another lesson I have to learn but for today I am thankful to have him, I regret not giving him the raise he deserves on a happier note.

I know every place is different and wages scales vary, but I have to tell you, an employee like you are describing would make $11 in my shop. If he had a key to the door and could open and/or close he would make $12 plus another thousand or two during the year in bonuses.

We can’t hire highschool kids that have never worked before for $7, they want $9.

Count yourself lucky.