Making dough in an HCM 450

My mixer went down today with a bad bearing. Luckily last week I picked up a brand new HCM450 that I purchased on ebay. I had not installed it yet as I was waiting for a cheese blade that I bought separately to arrive. I had to bring it in this afternoon and learn to make dough in it. First batch was a sloppy mess and needed to be tossed but from there we seemed to turn out some good dough. Thanks to some posts on the think tank the learning curve wasn’t too difficult. Looks like I’ll be using the HCM through the weekend at least as the repair company will not be able to install the bearing till next week. Any of you who use a VCM or HCM just for grinding cheese should make sure you have a dough blade in case you need to use it as a backup.


that sucks you were just talking about your mixer the other day and now it turns around and breaks i know how you feel


Been chopping cheese, making dough, and mixing sauce for 15 years with the HCM 450 and am quite pleased with it. Never used anything else and the unit is nearly bullet proof provided no liquid reaches the main bearing. (Replacing it is at least a two hour job, provided no collateral damage occurs.)

Not sure how my dough would respond to an upright mixer.