making pizzas on screens in advance

on the weekends we are very busy…it would be a great help if there was a way to make up a bunch of pizzas in advance. just the dough or maybe even sauce and cheese them.
the problem that i am having is that we use screens and after a short time the dough gets into the holes of the screen and sticks to it after cooking. any ideas???

If you toss them and put them on the screens then cool them down quickly in the cooler, they will be less likely to continue to proof on the screen.

I’d say if your shop is warm, putting them in the cooler will help that problem. In our experience, this really only happens when conditions are really warm, when there is excess water in the dough, or the dough had already been sitting out for a while before skinning.

We skin, sauce and cheese for busy times or for large orders and do not have problems unless one of the previously listed conditions happens.

You aren’t stacking them are you? There really should be no issue with this for up to an hour or even longer if your screens are seasoned and the skins don’t have weight on them beyond sauce and cheese.

Even when I find a couple of pies on screens left out over night from the day before they will not be stuck in the screen.

I agree with bodge. We pre make our skins before the rush or when we have big orders. We don’t keep them in the cooler.
Make sure your screens are seasoned
Make sure you are stacking them on a rack and not each other
Dont dock until ready to use

We don’t sauce ours ahead of time…seems we get a gum line.


ok…great…thanks for all the info…

we have been docking them in advance but we are not stacking them on top of each other.

tonight we will try not docking them and put them in the cooler

thanks again to all

We dock before they go on the screen. Never after. Docking on the screen just pushes the dough into the screen.