making sub rolls in a conveyor oven?

Is there anybody cooking sub buns in a conveyor oven? How do they come out for you? Was there any special process you had to take to cook them? Did you have to mess with your fingers at all?

Easy as pie…lol…

I use a thaw 'n proof French bread product…

Just lower temp & increase conveyor time…

Comes out great!

My pizza partner, Jeff Zeak (Zeak’s Tweeks) doe this regularly at the different pizza shows. He usually maks his own dough, but frozen dough could also be used. Contact Jeff directly at to get the details.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Which “thaw n proof” french bread product are you using? What time/temp?

Ya know, back in the day (Early 1980’s) when little Caesars was showing up in my state, they made sandwiches where they baked the funky looking sandwich roll to order in their conveyor ovens, it was spectacular!
it was an odd shaped triangle’ish bun,
Does anyone else remember these sandwiches?